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04/1 2010

National Post: The Ampersand | What’s the Bellman wearing?

What’s the Bellman wearing? John Fluevog OPUS Hotel Porter shoe, but of course!

Too pink for a guy’s guy? Like someone from the ’80s designing a shoe for the future?

Well, Canadian shoe icon John Fluevog, doesn’t make a run-of-the-mill shoe, so don’t look so surprised when you arrive at the posh OPUS Hotel in Vancouver or Montreal. That man at the door with the shiny black and screaming pink shoes is, indeed, the bellman — just a little more flamboyant in style, some might say.

The saucy shoes are part of the new uniform for the hotel’s bellmen and male front-desk associates, since OPUS partnered with Fluevog to create the OPUS Hotels Porter Shoe — “sharp, classy and well made, but also a little bit of cheek,” Fluevog says — and true to the two brands’ West Coast roots. OPUS is all boutique glamour with an edge, along the same lines as the avant-garde Fluevog.

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