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05/28 2010

Fluevog & Nooka release limited edition timepiece

To continue the celebration of our 40th Anniversary, John teamed up with New York’s hottest fashion accessories brand to introduce a Numbered, Limited Edition Fluevog/Nooka Timepiece.

Given that questioning conformity, being on the cutting edge of neo-futuristic designs mixed with Art Nouveau elements, and designing goods that bring an overflowing flood of compliments to the wearer, are traits that are equally applicable to both brands, it’s no wonder they wound up together.

The initial inspiration for the collaboration happened one morning on the corner of Prince and Mulberry in New York’s Soho. Waiting for his retail store to open for the day, John realized he had no idea what time it was, after leaving his watch at a sushi restaurant the night before (long story, but it involves wasabi). Asking a passerby for the time, John was amazed at the unique display of time-telling from this stranger’s timepiece. A bit flabbergasted at the design, John asked the kind stranger (who we later found out was UK Pop sensation Little Boots) who made the mind-blowing watch, to which the reply came “It’s Nooka of course!”

“I was inspired by the clean, but intricate design,’” says John Fluevog. “It was an exciting project that blossomed into a collaboration between two brands that remain true to their artistic sensibilities. Now there really is a time piece that reminds you to take Soul Time.”

A watermarked Fluevog Angel is printed on the popular Nooka zot face, while the white Italian leather band features a ‘Fluevog Red’ accent stitch. The casing on the back reveals a message from John and each piece’s unique number, and is attached with one ‘Fluevog Blue’ screw for each decade the company has been in business. Lastly, twice a day at 5:15, the watch will automatically release a vibration alert to remind you to take Soul Time. The last sentence is untrue. The Limited Edition piece is sold only at the Nooka Online store, and at Fluevog stores across Canada and the United States.

($295CA/$285US, 35x35x10 mm case with 28 mm band, water resistant to 5 ATM)

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