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07/7 2010

Corduroy Magazine Loves the Opus Porter Shoe

We blogged last summer about our lovely stay at the OPUS Hotel in Montreal, remarking, among other things, about how stylish and fashion-forward the hotel was. Now the team behind OPUS is taking it one step further, with a unique collaboration with Vancouver-based John Fluevog shoes. The new “Porter” shoe is a pop art-like take on a classic leather dress shoe, with handsome stitching and a splash of pink just for fun. The shoes will be featured in all OPUS Hotel locations, and worn by the male valets and guest services attendants. Customers will also be able to buy the shoe at select Fluevog locations across North America.

As for what prompted the collaboration? Both groups say it was a new and novel way to combine their shared appreciation for style, design and innovation. The shoe is classy and well-made, while having a little bit of “cheek,” a philosophy found in both Fluevog’s line of shoes, as well as the hotel’s interaction with guests. The “Porter” shoe is funky yet functional, and if they’re as comfortable as the OPUS Hotel’s beds well, we think we just found something else to sink into. – Corduroy Magazine

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