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03/7 2014

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Ali

Name: Ali Jersey Nebel

Store: Fluevog New York

Shoe name: The Soprano Carey

Why is this your Spring 2014 pick?: I’ve been a super fan of anything Operetta/Soprano since I first started working for Fluevog. The Carey combines everything I cherish but with a completely different attitude than past designs. I adore the classic 60s Mod style and the color goes PERFECTLY with my favorite NARS lip pencil (color: Luxembourg). If a shoe color matches a lipstick I own, that shoe is on my feet!

What are your favo(u)rite spring colo(u)rs and patterns?: I’m really into “power clashing” this spring. I’ll mix strips and polka dots with floral prints or tartans. I also sport a lot of vintage kimonos with jeans, so the Carey gives my eclectic style a pop of fun color. Huge “ugly” or “trashy” patterns are fun to play with if you’re wearing a solid color shoe.

Describe your style in three words: Eclectic, Brat Pack, Recovering Preppy.

Fill in the blanks: I know I am ______ in my ______ . I feel  ______ .
I know I am going to WERK in my Soprano Carey mary-janes. I feel like living every week like it’s Shark Week.


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