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03/14 2014

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Paul

Name: Paul Cameron Hardy

Store: Fluevog New York

Shoe name: The Exsequi Lansky (in grey)

Why is this your Spring 2014 pick? The Lanskys are a shoe that people stop and notice, but it isn’t trying too hard. Plus, it gives me a welcomed touch of class.

What are your favo(u)rite spring colo(u)rs and patterns? The prints I’m excited for with the warmer weather are dots, blots, and all things jackalope. Mustard, Shallow Tropical Ocean, and Pigeon are the colors for me this season!

Describe your style in three words: Little, Nimrod, Chic

Fill in the blanks: When I am wearing my  ______, I know I am  ______ . I feel  ______ .

When I am wearing my Lanskys, I know I am foxing up the joint. I feel like John Fluevog himself is giving me an impassioned foot rub!


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