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06/11 2014

Jack White in The Idol Jack

Jack White rockin’ The Idols Jack in white on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday June 14th!

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01/13 2014

Kit Harington wears The Twin Turbine 211 Carrall Street to the AFI Awards Luncheon!

Kit Harington, also known as Jon Snow in The Game of Thrones, arrives at the AFI Awards Luncheon in LA in the Winter 2013 211 Carrall Street in brown!



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10/1 2013

Amber Bauer Performs at Fluevog Calgary!

Come join us and the Calgary Team for Amber Bauer’s performance at Fluevog Calgary on Saturday!

We hope to see you there!

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09/23 2013

Kit Harington wears The Gateway Brandenburg to the 65th Emmy Awards!


Kit Harington, also known as Jon Snow in The Game of Thrones, arrives at the 65th Emmy Award in the new Brandenburg in brown and navy!

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08/23 2013

Cirque du Soleil at Fluevog Denver

The performers of Cirque du Soleil’s touring show, Amaluna visited Fluevog Denver! Check out the Amazon warriors in the custom coloured LA Silverlake!
Their next touring city is Minneapolis. Don’t miss out their amazing performances!

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08/9 2013

Shakura S’Aida will be performing at John Fluevog Shoes Gastown

We’re excited to annouce that, international artist, Shakura S’Aida will be performing at John Fluevog Shoes Gastown on Sunday, August 11th at 2PM. Whether you’re shopping or strolling in Gastown, drop by the Gastown store and see Shakura performing live!

From Shakura S’Aida: Born in Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Switzerland. A long-time Canadian who lives in Toronto.  A truly international artist whose involvement in the Canadian music scene has been ongoing for the almost 25 years. Along the way, she has enriched the jazz, blues and classic R&B communities with her soulful voice, enthusiastic personality and commitment to her deep soul music.

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07/30 2013

Fanfare: The Original Coopers

The Original Swordfish Coopers, owned by Jonny, were recently signed by John and Alice in Minneapolis.

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03/12 2013

Caesar (Stanley Tucci) wearing ’1611 First Avenue’ Fluevogs in The Hunger Games!

Check out Stanley Tucci’s ‘Caesar’ Portrait for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie -

look at those ‘ 1611 First Avenue‘ Fluevogs!

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02/18 2013

Matthew Mosshart in Idol Jack Boots

Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend Matthew Mosshart, wearing the Idol Jack boots (October 2012).

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12/19 2012

Truth or Dare?

Madonna lounging in her new John Fluevog Munsters, in the 1991 movie Madonna: Truth Or Dare

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