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06/28 2011

Jack White rocks the white Jack boots on The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, hoping to record his big grammy hit, spends a week with Jack White.

To watch The Colbert Report with Jack White, please click here for the US, or click here for Canada.

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05/18 2011

Orange Fleece Boots

Margaret Gallagher from CBC wears a pair of custom boots made with orange fleece from the recent exhibit Sweater Lodge at the Museum of Vancouver. John was given a swatch from the giant sweater and choose to make boots for his good friend Margaret.

photos by Jordana Mah

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02/14 2011

National Post: Jay Malinowski of the Bedouin Soundclash

Jay Malinowski from the Bedouin Soundclash: “I’m from Vancouver so I love John Fluevog. My shoes are called Radio BBC, and I had my last pair for so long that I burned a hole in the heel. My mom actually told me I had to get a new pair. I think I try and dress classic. I wear black 501 Levi’s, nothing overstated, just something that fits.”  Read more at the National Post.

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12/9 2010

Whoopi Washington

Whoopi Goldberg, dressed up as George Washington for a NY event, wears the Rococo Dame Agnes!

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09/30 2010

Melissa Auf der Maur in-store performance at the Fluevog Design Studio

Melissa Auf der Maur holds up the Together Auf der Maur, and performs a free concert at the Fluevog Design Studio READ MORE

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08/30 2010

Alice Cooper, Fluevog’s Swordfish boots, and American Idol!

Alice Cooper rocks out on American Idol while wearing his vintage Fluevog Swordfish boots.

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08/19 2010

Arcade Fire on Jon Stewart in DOG Shawn sneakers

William Butler of Arcade Fire rocks out in the DOG Shawn sneakers behind the keyboards

Watch the video of Arcade Fire on Jon Stewart

Check out the new colours in the vegan DOG Shawn sneakers

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08/17 2010

The Dead Weather

Jack White (shown with Alison Mosshart) of The Dead Weather shreds the Brixton Academy in London while wearing his IDOL Jack boots in white

photos by Kathy Archbold

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07/1 2010

Ali Carr

Supermodel Ali Carr opens up to Elle magazine, stating ‘Fluevog Boots’ in her personal style

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