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06/15 2010

Elise Estrada at the Much Music MMVA awards

Canadian Recording Artist and Host of Muchmusic’s ‘Love Court’ Elise Estrada wears John’s LA Mulholland shoes to Much Music’s MMVA award ceremony.

Posted in Celebrities
05/27 2010

Alice Cooper In Montagu Boots

Alice Cooper in the Warwick Montagu Boots.

Posted in Celebrities, Video
03/30 2010

“Workin Girl”

Kelly King’s new video features Fluevog’s New York store, and the Bodyparts ‘the Business’

Posted in Celebrities, Shoes
02/28 2010

Throne Speech

Governor General Michaëlle Jean wears the Coffee Sumatra pumps while speaking with Prime Minister Stephen Harper before delivering the throne speech in the Senate chamber on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Posted in Celebrities, Media
02/25 2010

Canadian Gold

Golden boy Alexandre Bilodeau, winner of the first Canadian Olympic Gold Medal on Canadian Soil, wears Fluevog’s Marquis in burgundy for January’s Clin d’oeil Magazine

Posted in Celebrities, Fashion
01/27 2010

Cyndi Lauper in LA Mulholland

Fluevoger Cyndi Lauper rocks John’s LA Mulholland corset shoes at Fashion Week, while posing with Lady Gaga

Posted in Celebrities
01/15 2010

Justin Trudeau in Earth Traveler Mihr

Montreal MP Justin Trudeau wearing the Earth Traveler Mihr.

Posted in Celebrities
09/19 2009

Jack White in Idol Jack Boot

Jack White wearing the Idol Jack boot in white.

Posted in Celebrities
07/1 2009

All-American Rejects

Tyson from the All-American Rejects rocks out in a leg brace and the Flight JFKs!

Posted in Celebrities
06/24 2009

Hell-billy Honky-punk

Hank Williams III brought in his classic Fluevogs for repair, while picking up a pair of the Angel Bill boots for upcoming “hellbilly honky-punk” tour.

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