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06/8 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Denny


Name: Denny
Store Manager: Haight Street
All time favorite vog: The silver glitter “Lady Miss Kier” Mega-Munster from the early 90′s
Favorite fairytale: Edward Scissorhands
Favorite word: Chauncey or Yentle
Favorite quote or movie line: “I wish I could be more like you, Cuddles, always optimistic.  I look into my future and all I see is a long dark highway filled with endless tollbooths and no exits.” – Francine Fishpaw in Desperate Living”
A personal goal: To find a wonderful husbear and see Bananarama in concert.

04/27 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Anthony

Name: Anthony

Store Manager: Montreal

All time favourite Vog: Perfect tie between the Duncan and The Jaffa

Favourite word: Reblochon; it’s a French cheese; but it’s just so fun to say!

Favourite quote or movie line: “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

A personal goal: To continue being as happy as I am right now, forever and ever. And of course, World Peace.

04/20 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Crystal

Name: Crystal

Store Manager: Portland

All time favourite vog: The Portside in neutral

Favourite fairytale: tikki tikki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip peri pembo

Favourite word: Redonkulous

Favourite quote or movie line: “Nice sweater.”

A personal goal: To make the perfect crepe.

04/13 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Leah

Name: Leah

Store Manager: Seattle

All time favorite Vog: Grey Rubini

Favorite Fairytale: Enchantment, Orson Scott Card’s version of Sleeping Beauty

Favorite word: Azjarbaijan

Favorite quote or movie line: “I think I speak for everyone here when I say “huh?” Buffy says this in episode 11 of Season 1 titled Out of sight, Out of mind

A Personal goal: Short term, to get some sun. Long term to own my own local craftstore.

03/30 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Victor

Name: Victor

Store: Granville

All time favourite Vog: Jetstream Hadley

Favourite fairytale: The Wizard of OZ

Favourite word: Flabbergasted

Favourite quote: “ Un verdadero amigo es Aquel que coloca la Ultima flor en tu Tumba” ( A true Friend is the one who places the last flower on your grave).

Personal goal: To always be someone that when you think of, YOU SMILE !

03/23 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Bekkie

Name: Bekkie

Store: Chicago

Favorite Vog: I practically live in my Britneys… I’m just totally smitten with the Truth Family… that pointy toe! ..rawr! I cried a little the day the Pilgrims arrived. Love at first sight! The Wonders Family are my new obsession… i would like one of each please!

Favorite Fairytale: I love the messages in Aesop’s Fables. My favorite is the ‘The Fox and the Mask’. “Outside show is a poor substitution for inner worth”…true words indeed.

Favorite Word: “ACE” It has been dropping from my vocabulary since I moved to the States but I am making a conscious effort to keep it alive …ACE!

Favorite Quote: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” – Johnny Castle

Personal Goal: If I did have to choose a personal goal, it would probably be gather everyone I love from around this planet and have them all in the same place at once… even just for 5 minutes… that would be ACE!!

03/16 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Wiley

Name: Andrew “Wiley” Wiley

Store: Boston

All time favourite Vog: In my possession; the Herbert, buckles are far superior to laces.

Favourite tale: The Loathsome Couple by Edward Gorey.

Favourite word: 짜파게티 “zzapaghetti.”

A personal goal: Write book, travel to at least one foreign country that I have not been to every year.

03/9 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Andrea

Name: Andrea

Store: Gastown

All time favourite Vog: The Truth Pilgrim is pretty high on the radar these days… ridiculously comfortable, sexy, fun, and unique!

Favourite tale: The Legend of the Selkie, a classic romantic tragedy! From Scots, Orkney, or Shetland, Faroese, and Icelandic origin, the Selkie are seals that can shed their skins and play hauntingly beautiful music and dance in human form by the light of the full moon.

Favourite quote: “When in doubt, twirl” – Thanks to Mr. Edward Gorey for these words of wisdom.

03/2 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Sean

Name: Sean aka LG, Seanypants, Spantz, and Crazy Griller

Store: NYC

All time favourite Vog: Total tie between the Modvog Lambretta (I have 6 pairs) and the Lip Service Zig (that I had to buy on ebay).

Favourite fairytale: “Open” by Andre Agassi

Favourite word: BOOM

A personal goal: to find out if Donald Trump’s hair was born in the United States.

02/24 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Shea

Name: Shea

Store: Calgary

All time favourite Vog: Right now, the Resist Edison, Hello comfort. However the Prince George’s from the Fall ’11 line have been haunting my dreams.

Favourite word: Doppelganger. You know all of those awkward moments where you see someone who you think is someone you know, then all of a sudden after you’ve said something outrageous that only they would understand do you realize that they are in fact not said person? Well now you can laugh at the word Doppelganger, because you just saw one, and walk away.

Favourite quote: “Live life for the story.”

A personal goal: Change the world!!!!

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