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02/17 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Willy

Name: William

Store: ‘The Emerald City’ aka Seattle

All Time Favorite Vog: Not to be the new guy here but I love my Pauls. They satisfy my need for beautiful modern design and want to be a cowboy/lumberjack at the same time.

Favorite word: Ovaballistic (Best balderdash word ever).

Favorite Quote or Movie Line: “I want to go to there” said by Liz Lemon usually in reference to food with cheese on it, and or John Ham.

Personal Goal: To be as awesome as Batman, minus the horrible tragic past.

02/10 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Anthony

Name: Anthony

Store: Los Angeles

All time favorite Vog: Presley. Nothing says “How do you afford your Rock’n'Roll lifestyle?” like a pair of Presley’s.

Favorite Fairytale: James and the expired peach. A lesser known but more sophisticated follow up to the Giant Peach.

Favorite word: “Dig it” that’s two words but spoken fast enough it counts as one.

A personal goal: To stop “tweaking” my music and just start playing live. The problem with writing and recording at home is the same with all Artists who create something alone. “Its good… but I can just add/subtract this and it will be better”. I need to just put it down and let people hear it.

02/3 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Preet

Name: Preet

Store: Granville

All time favorite Vog: Heidi‘s I have three pairs (2 blk/1 brown) NBD

Favorite fairy tale: This little piggy went to “Prada”

Favorite Word: Amazing

Favorite Quote: Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

A Personal goal: I live my life one minute at a time, my ideas are the same I’ve done many things in life, but fashion is my passion. I hope to either have my own store one day, or design handbags. I’ll see where my path takes me.

01/27 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Jenna

Name: Jenna

Store: Haight/Union Square SF

All time favourite Vog: Even though it’s a rookie, the Guide really does get me everywhere I need to go.

Favourite Word: Apparently it’s “like,” since I say it all the time

Favourite fairytale: There’s a little known Grimm’s fairy tale called “Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie.” It’s about nothing of substance and has no moral outcome, but it always made me laugh when I was little because I thought the German names sounded funny.

01/20 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Ifman

Name: Ifman

Store: Montreal

All time favourite vog: Anything in the Flyvog family

Favourite fairytale: Le corbeau et le renard (The Crow and Fox)

Favourite word: Merci

Favourite quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why it is called the present.”

01/13 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Alicia

Name: Alicia

Store: Calgary

All time favourite Vog: Melanie

Favourite fairytale: Snow white … who wouldn’t want seven men following them around?

Favourite word: “wah gwann” what’s up!

A personal goal: to retire young and live in Jamaica

01/6 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Brenda

Name: Brenda

Store: Seattle

All time favorite Vog: Pilgrim… so far

Favorite fairytale: Well it’s this traditional Thai folk tale/dance, I can’t remember the name of it. It’s about a woman… well actually it’s a chicken. She seduces a prince with her beautiful dancing, and then I’m pretty sure she turns into a princess, maybe.

Favorite word: Hypnagogic

Personal Goal: Maybe to get a personal goal? I am too busy living in the moment, and I’m constantly finding something new to peak my interest. I guess in the short term to continue dancing and living life!

12/30 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Maycie

Name: Maycie

Store: Portland

All time favorite Vog: The GetUp Dawson City, because in them it’s always a boot scootin’ good day.

Favorite Fairytale: Thumbelina, I mean, who wouldn’t want a bird friend named Jacquimo and to sleep in a walnut shell? The Beetle Ball is always my favorite part.

Favorite word: Dingus, i.e.; cut it out, you’re acting like a dingus. Or my cat crawling into drawers would also be considered a dingus move.

Favorite quote: “Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

12/23 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Alexandre

Name: Alexandre Blondeau

Store: Québec

Favourite fairytale: The smurfs and Gargamel.

Favourite quote: “I don’t know what I don’t want, but I know that’s what I want!”

A personal goal: Be part of the Fluevog family forever…

12/16 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Andrew

Name: Andrew

Store: Gastown

All time favourite Vog: Ferlinghetti’s, because they give you the all the confidence and sex appeal of a Han Solo or Captain Kirk in just one simple boot!

Favourite quote: Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. – From Herman Hesse’s, “Steppenwolf”.

A personal goal: Well, I have a few. Teach social studies, become a part time actor, tour Europe with my band Plus Perfect, put out great records. Oh yeah, and be a good dad too!

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