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12/2 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Takeo

Name: Takeo

Store: Montreal

All time favourite Vog: Executor Capellas in burnt burgundy

Favourite quote or movie line:  ‘“We are star stuff harvesting sunlight.” ― Carl Sagan

A personal goal: Just recently joined up with some peeps to help get a small scale initiative off the ground, burrito project Montreal, where we make burritos and distribute them by bike to the hungry and the homeless around the city. There’s a few in other cities too, the original coming from LA, start one in yours! It’s wicked fun and the rewards are many and often delicious.

11/18 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Ali

Name: Ali

Store: Boston

Favourite fairytale: I consider the movie “Jaws” a fairytale… so yes, Jaws. That shark was bloody magical.

Favourite word: mon petit chou

Favourite quote:
“We’re gonna need a bigger boat” – Chief Brody, Jaws
“I’m Batman” -Batman

11/11 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Vanessa

Name: Vanessa

Store: Gastown

All time favorite Vog: Well…today it’s my convictions. Yesterday it was my Melanie’s but tomorrow I’ll probably be back in my BBC’s.

Favorite fairytale: thumbelina

Favorite word:  well…

Favorite quote or movie line: “if you can imagine it, you can do it” – heard by a stranger in coffee shop.

Personal goal: To be a working actress

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