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06/29 2012

Arc Halfmoon Clogs in National Post Illustration

Inspired by a few of the season’s must-see movies, National Post fashion editor Nathalie Atkinson takes an illustrated romp in the latest summer styles, including Fluevog’s Arc Halfmoon clogs. Art by Kagan McLeod. Read the full article…

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05/18 2011

Orange Fleece Boots

Margaret Gallagher from CBC wears a pair of custom boots made with orange fleece from the recent exhibit Sweater Lodge at the Museum of Vancouver. John was given a swatch from the giant sweater and choose to make boots for his good friend Margaret.

photos by Jordana Mah

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04/15 2011

TV Filming at Fluevog Montréal


TVA (http://tva.canoe.ca/), a francophone Quebec based television channel started a new tv show called “le style est dans la rue,” where they pick random well dressed people off the street, give them 500$ and send them on a shopping spree to their favorite boutiques. One of the male candidates spent some of his shopping money at the Montreal Fluevog boutique. TVA sent a camera crew and a host to film the event.

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02/2 2011

Grace Ormond Wedding Magazine features the Spring 2011 Executor Opus

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01/31 2011

Toronto NOW: Fluevog framed Fresh sunnies from Canada’s footwear king

Fluevog framed: Fresh sunnies from Canada’s footwear king
By Andrew Sardone for Toronto NOW

Fashion lives in a time warp. New bathing suits arrive at stores in the middle of winter, READ MORE

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12/3 2010

Paris and Silverlake shoes featured in Auxiliary

The Attention Paris and the LA Silverlake shoes were featured in the ‘Fetish’ photoshoot in Auxiliary Magazine

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12/2 2010

Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia features the Fluevog Flagship Design Studio.

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08/29 2010

Dead Man Walking: Chart of Pedestrian Accidents

Great graphic by Amanda Buck, featuring some of the more dangerous cities to walk in. (It’s worth noting that the number of incidents is greatly reduced when focusing on wearers of Angel Soles.)

Read more at Good magazine

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07/22 2010

National Post: ‘Coffee’ Fluevog pumps up groggy, guilty mornings

Addicted to shoes? Addicted to coffee to get you out of bed and bravely face the day, puffy eyes and all?


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07/7 2010

Corduroy Magazine Loves the Opus Porter Shoe


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