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07/29 2012

The 10,000 mile Radio BBC boots

Dear Fluevog, I just wanted to tell you that I may have to order 10 more pairs of your Radio BBC boots.

Back in April, I last minute ordered a pair. This was a few days before I left Austin to drive nearly 10,000 miles around the country in a giant circle to see cities and parks and people and forests and deserts. They arrived the day before I left because you went out of your way to update my order and even follow up to make sure I got them. That was incredible and i’m so glad you did because literally, I’ve taken these boots off maybe twice since then. They were on my feet in all of those conditions – rain, shine, sleet, snow – and they were completely amazing the entire time. In fact, the harder I am on them, the better they look. People everywhere asked me where I got them. And so many people have seen pictures of me wearing them now, I think they’ve become my signature piece of clothing.

Thank you so much. You guys are awesome. - Jennifer 

Update: Those same boots just returned from a month in India traipsing through city markets and back alleyways. crazy!

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07/28 2012

Tokyo Kawasaki

The amazing photographer Joe Feltzman, from Portland Oregon,
took this gorgeous photo of The Tokyo Kawasakis.

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07/27 2012

Ice Shoes!

Attila, who is making our Fluevog sign for the new Washington D.C. store,
finds his Future Angel Wills are the perfect shoes for Curling!

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