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12/31 2013

SS14 Sneak Preview: Prepare Guides

Check out the other colours available in The Prepare Guides.



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12/13 2013

Limited Edition Fluevog Bow Ties

Limited-Edition-Fluevog-Bows-Ties (100 numbered) with Cursor & Thread are now in stores and online!!
Side one features John’s handwritten messages, while side two is the custom lace pattern
John used on The Derby Swirls earlier this year.


11/20 2013

Way Back Wednesday | Sole Communication

Sole Communication – pages 8-9 – c.1997

The Grand National Shoe

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10/18 2013

Fanfare: Derby Swirl fans

Our Postie is a die hard loyalist in her Derby Swirls. Throw in the leg warmers and she draws a crowd.

Fluevog shoes… loved by teachers, flight attendants, artists, bikers, posties, nurses, and super models since 1970.


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10/3 2013

Custom Fluevogs for Make-A-Wish® Canada

We’re proud to announce that this fall, John and Make-A-Wish Canada teamed up and created a shoe that will help make a child’s wish come true with 50% of the proceed donated to Make-A-Wish Canada. John presents the Fluevogian answer to a shooting star, the extra glittery Miracles Medugorje, which flew out of the night sky and right into his ever-inspired, ever-growing mind. The Make-A-Wish Canada Medugorje glows as a silvery glittered pump with a leather sole, Spanish textile, leather piping and lining, and the sole message, Make A Dream Come True.

With the purchase of these shoes, Fluevogers will know they have helped grant the wish of a child. Plus, their personalized stars are guaranteed to take people’s attention away from the constellations and straight to their fabulous Fluevogs, leaving people starry-eyed in their wake. The Make-A-Wish Canada Miracles Medugorje, are available online and in store in Canada!

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