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02/27 2013

John’s Words Embroidered

John Fluevog quote embroidered by the amazing JillAlice

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02/19 2013

Fluevog Ice Sculptures from Montreal’s ‘La FĂȘtes des Glaces’


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01/16 2013

FlueDogs: Fluevog’s new foot model

John’s new Prepare Hi Reppel being modeled by Peanut

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12/4 2012

Montreal’s Anthony’s Birthday Cake!

Anthony’s birthday cake was made by the incredible Cybele’s Cakes. Happy Birthday Anthony!



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10/1 2012


In the 3rd phase of our Fall LOVE windows, our stores (Chicago pictured) pay respect to Als everywhere. If you know an Al in love (or even a Betty), tell them you’ve found a great proposal spot!

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09/24 2012

JF Minneapolis: Manager Job Posting



John Fluevog Shoes is opening a beautiful store in wonderful Minneapolis! It’s true! And if you’re thinking “Gee, I wish I could manage the most amazing retail store in the fluniverse.”… Then your dream just came true!

John Fluevog Minneapolis is hiring for Store Manager. If you:
    • Have great drive, organizational skills, and communication skills
    • Have a true passion for awesome Customer Service
    • Have experience in Retail Management
    • Have a keen eye for fashion
    • Are friendly, easy to get along with, and have a great personality

…then we might have a spot for you at John Fluevog Shoes!

Come Lead our small staff at John Fluevog shoes. If you think you have what it takes to be an Awesome Store manager for John Fluevog Shoes, Please, apply through e-mail with a resume, cover letter and references, to retailjobs@fluevog.com . We look forward to meeting you!

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08/2 2012

JF Washington DC

Opening very soon….

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07/30 2012

Oil Paintings by Kate Cavanaugh

Maryland Fluevoger and oil painter Kate Cavanaugh sent us some photos of her recent painting
exhibition at the Columbia Art Center in Maryland. How Awesome!

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