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07/27 2012

Coming Soon: Fluevog Washington D.C.

Opening soon in mid-August!
JF Shoes DC, 1265 Wisconsin Avenue NW

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07/25 2012


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07/17 2012

Washington D.C. Fluevog in 3-D!

Things are almost complete for Fluevog DC in 3-D rendering and actual manufacturing.

Team Fluevog will arrive soon to start putting the pieces together. Can’t wait!

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06/7 2012

Road Trip Testimonial

Dear Fluevog,

I just wanted to tell you that I may have to order 10 more pairs of your Radio BBC boots. Back in April, I last minute ordered a pair. This was a few days before I left Austin to drive nearly 10,000 miles around the country in a giant circle to see cities and parks and people and forests and deserts.

They arrived the day before i left because you went out of your way to update my order and even follow up to make sure i got them. That was incredible and I’m so glad you did because literally, I have taken these boots off maybe twice since then. They were on my feet in all of those conditions – rain, shine, sleet, snow – and they were completely amazing the entire time. In fact, the harder i am on them, the better they look. People everywhere asked me where i got them. And so many people have seen pictures of me wearing them now, I think they’ve become my signature piece of clothing.

Thank you so much. You guys are awesome.


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06/6 2012

Words with Fluevogers

Thanks Brion for sending this in!

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05/15 2012

Happy Fluevog Day!

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05/15 2012

Fluevog LA Celebrates Fluevog Day with ‘Dogs and Vogs.’

Bring your dog to 7475 Melrose Ave for a doggy massage on our sidewalk patio between the hours of 4 and 8 pm. Let’s Be Frank hotdogs and Arnold Palmers served to anyone wearing a pair of Fluevogs between 4 and 8 pm while supplies last. Fluevog LA will remain open until 9 pm.

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