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03/24 2011

Montreal Fluevog.. c’est un état d’esprit…

Montreal Fluevog.. c’est un état d’esprit…

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03/23 2011

Boston: Ahead of the Crowd

Fluevog Boston is always Ahead of the Crowd

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03/22 2011

Gastown: Heels Over Head

The Fluevog Gastown store in Vancouver are Heels Over Head for Spring!

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01/4 2011

Happy belated boxing day!

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter loves the boots -

but the cat thinks the box is the best!! – Leslie, Montreal

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12/23 2010

is that Santa’s Sleigh?

From Dorset UK, not the North Pole – John’s 1948 Austin with custom modifications parked in front of the Fluevog Flagship store.

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12/22 2010

Letting the Sparks Fly

Father Christmas at the Fluevog Flagship store making a few last minute adjustments to his sleigh.

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12/20 2010

A Christmas Carol

Could this be Charles Dickens’ Bob Cratchit and his wife in the Bellevue Libby Smith boots?

Thanks to SF Fluevoger Lisa for sending in this photo.

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12/16 2010

Vog Vision

Coming soon to a Fluevog store near you!

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