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11/30 2010

More Melrose

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11/30 2010

Fluevog MAN Party

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11/4 2010

No, You’re Weird!

Do you know you’re weird? If so, embrace your weirdness and take the weirdest picture you can of you or your friends in front of one of our ‘No, You’re Weird’ windows and you’ll be entered to win $1000 Shoe Dollars and other weird (read ‘Fluevog’) prizes. (If you don’t live in one of our cities, use a sign, or add it to the photo before you send it in.)

Send it to us at weird@fluevog.com, upload it to facebook.com/fluevog or twitter it with #weirdvog and once the contest is over, John will choose the weirdest photo to win the grand prize. Know you’re weird!

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11/2 2010

Gastown Shop Hop

Come join us for the Annual Gastown Shop Hop for 10% off of regular priced shoes and boots!

Thursday November 4th from 5-9pm, only at John Fluevog Shoes Gastown (65 Water St).

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10/20 2010

No Tea Party is complete..

without a Tasty Vog!  Is it time for Tea?

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10/15 2010

Testimonial | How the sugar boots helped save a man’s life

I am an on call Fire Fighter/EMR and I recently purchased some mini sugars the most amazing boots ever!! I love them like a child and feel that way with all my Fluevogs.

On my way home one day yesterday I came across a horrific accident. A delivery truck drive went off a 50 foot bridge into a creek bed while going 110km/hr. I thought there was no way this man could survive, but being trained in rescue and medics I had to climb down to see if I could do anything. READ MORE

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10/12 2010

Bubblegum Angel Soles

A picture of John’s desk with a mould of the Original Angel Sole

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