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03/23 2011

Watch the production of a FlueClog!

Check out the Response FlueClog.

Posted in Celebrities, Video
08/30 2010

Alice Cooper, Fluevog’s Swordfish boots, and American Idol!

Alice Cooper rocks out on American Idol while wearing his vintage Fluevog Swordfish boots.

Posted in Celebrities, Video
08/19 2010

Arcade Fire on Jon Stewart in DOG Shawn sneakers

William Butler of Arcade Fire rocks out in the DOG Shawn sneakers behind the keyboards

Watch the video of Arcade Fire on Jon Stewart

Check out the new colours in the vegan DOG Shawn sneakers

Posted in Video
06/23 2010

John introduces the ‘Fox & Fluevog’ exhibit at the MOV

John Fluevog introduces the new exhibit “Fox & Fluevog & Friends” at the Museum of Vancouver

Posted in Video
05/28 2010

Interview with John | Watch Mojo

Watch Mojo interviews John on style and emotion

Posted in Video
05/15 2010

Interview with John | DGTV & The Province on the MOV exhibit

DGTV and The Province online interviews John inside the MOV’s new exhibition

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