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07/3 2011

Everyday Fluevogs | July 3, 2011

July 3,  2011 – Bellevue Libby Smith in black/ivory

Check out the other colours in the Libby Smith

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07/2 2011

Everyday Fluevogs | July 2, 2011

July 2,  2011 – Operetta Malibran in orange

Check out the other colours in the Malibran

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07/1 2011

Everyday Fluevogs | July 1, 2011


July 1,  2011 – Mini Sugar in black

Check out the other colours in the Mini Sugar

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06/28 2011

Jack White rocks the white Jack boots on The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, hoping to record his big grammy hit, spends a week with Jack White.

To watch The Colbert Report with Jack White, please click here for the US, or click here for Canada.

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06/27 2011

Good Fashion For Good


We would like to congratulate Jackie on achieving her awesome charitable goal of wearing Ken Done apparel for 365 days!

Jackie has just accomplished her pledge to wear Ken Done (famous Australian Artist) inspired 1980s fashion every day for a year to raise money to The Social Studio, that supports young refugees in Australia. Check out Jackie’s webpage to see 365 outfits inspired by Ken Done, or how to help her out!

The Social Studio is a dynamic space where clothing is created from the style and skills of the young refugee community. Recycled and excess manufacturing materials are gathered from local industry and re-configured into original clothing. The Social Studio is based in Melbourne, Australia.The Social Studio empowers young people to achieve their dreams through social enterprise. The main barriers faced by newly arrived members of the community are unemployment, isolation and difficulties accessing education and training.

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06/22 2011

Angel Andrew

Civilian protector of the Granville store during the Vancouver Riot, Andrew saw a chair get thrown through the main window (now fixed) with a risk of further damage. He positioned himself in front of the broken Fluevog window deterring others from causing further breakage or looting. At one point, he had to stop a young man from trying to light a bag on fire to throw into the store. Thank goodness no one was prepared to mess with Andrew, and thank goodness Andrew wasn’t hurt—we are so thankful for his presence and courage, and hope he and his girlfriend enjoy their new, non-looted, Fluevogs.

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