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06/15 2010

Elise Estrada at the Much Music MMVA awards

Canadian Recording Artist and Host of Muchmusic’s ‘Love Court’ Elise Estrada wears John’s LA Mulholland shoes to Much Music’s MMVA award ceremony.

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06/11 2010

National Post’s Retail Therapy Pt.2 | ‘Keep on keepin’ on’

“I design things that I like — I don’t like mainstream things.” (CBC Radio 3 interview) Canadian fashion icon, John Fluevog, started his shoe business in 1970, designing snakeskin platforms for disco, and pointy shoes with skulls and peace buckles for punk. He’s always one step, as it were, ahead of the game. Here, he blogs about his 40-year legacy. READ MORE

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06/8 2010

National Post’s Retail Therapy Pt.1 | Vancouver Sole History

Canadian fashion icon, John Fluevog, begins a week of blogging about his shoe legacy, which marks its 40 years with an exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver. As for his work, he says, “I design things that I like. I don’t like mainstream things. When things get to a point where they’re too well-known or mainstream, I leave it.” READ MORE

06/7 2010

Street Style Spotting | Banker Boots


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06/4 2010

MOV Exhibition | Highlights on Inside Vancouver


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05/30 2010

Everyday Fluevog | May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010 – Fellowship Rosabelles in Black

See what other styles are in the Fellowship Family

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05/29 2010

Everyday Fluevog | May 29, 2010

May 29, 2010 – Rococo Lady Ophelia in burgundy

See what other Vintage Vogs you can find in Clearance

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05/28 2010

Interview with John | Watch Mojo

Watch Mojo interviews John on style and emotion

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