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05/24 2009

Rhys Murray calls for a ‘Band Meeting’

Rhys Darby, who portrays “Manager Murray Hewitt” from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, accepts an award at Australia’s MTV Awards while wearing the Executor Murdoch.

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05/20 2009

Coming Soon | Berlin Mitte

Always making history with his radical designs, John brings you the Mitte – a sleek and sexy shoe straight from his heart. Inspired by a recent trip to Berlin where John, a bicycle enthusiast himself, was flabbergasted by tall beautiful women biking around the city in very high heels. READ MORE

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05/20 2009

Kelly King

Kelly King films her new music video “Workin’ Girl” at JF Shoes New York

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05/15 2009

May 15 IS International Fluevog Day

It is only in the recent years that the exciting International Fluevog Day has started to become the public celebration we know today. One always feels the excitement right after the Easter eggs have spoiled and decorations go on clearance. READ MORE

Posted in Fashion
04/30 2009

John Casablanca’s Modeling School Graduate Show

Fluevog Shoes Join John Casablanca’s Modeling School Graduate Show.

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04/27 2009

Need a Fix? Fluevog Fix Clinic

A pair of Mini Bips get a quick fix, just in time for a hot date.

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04/1 2009

John Fluevog Now Offers OnStar Service!

Fluevog Shoes Come With Built-in Shoe OnStar Service!

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03/22 2009

Joao – 2nd Generation Last Maker

Joao, 2nd generation lastmaker, Portugal

Posted in Celebrities
02/24 2009

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Alan from Fluevog NYC
“I bought the Idol Jack boots, ’cause they are great for kicking down doors.” – Dog

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