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02/21 2012

Sneak Preview: Hope Promise

New colourway in the Hope Promise for Spring 12

Posted in Shoes
02/20 2012

Sneak Preview: Mini QTee

New colourway in the Mini Qtee for Spring 12

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02/19 2012

Sneak Preview: Wonders Everest

Spring 12 brings the Wonders Everest in a gorgeous white colourway

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02/18 2012

Sneak Preview: Hope Daydream

New style Daydream in the Hope family for Spring 12

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02/17 2012

Sneak Preview: World Nzame

New colourways in the World Nzame for Spring 12

02/17 2012

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Willy

Name: William

Store: ‘The Emerald City’ aka Seattle

All Time Favorite Vog: Not to be the new guy here but I love my Pauls. They satisfy my need for beautiful modern design and want to be a cowboy/lumberjack at the same time.

Favorite word: Ovaballistic (Best balderdash word ever).

Favorite Quote or Movie Line: “I want to go to there” said by Liz Lemon usually in reference to food with cheese on it, and or John Ham.

Personal Goal: To be as awesome as Batman, minus the horrible tragic past.

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02/16 2012

Sneak Preview: Miracle Bunford

New style Bunford in the Miracle family for Spring 12

Posted in Shoes
02/15 2012

Sneak Preview: Hi Wedge Dusk

The Dusk mules in the new family Hi Wedge for Spring 12

Posted in Shoes
02/14 2012

Sneak Preview: World Omega

New style Omega in the World family for Spring 12

Posted in Shoes
02/13 2012

Sneak Preview: Miracle Defen

New style Defen in the Miracle family for Spring 12

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