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12/23 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Alexandre

Name: Alexandre Blondeau

Store: Québec

Favourite fairytale: The smurfs and Gargamel.

Favourite quote: “I don’t know what I don’t want, but I know that’s what I want!”

A personal goal: Be part of the Fluevog family forever…

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12/22 2011

Sneak Preview: Adrian Amanda

Spring 12 brings a new colour in the Adrian Amanda

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12/21 2011

Café Sole Snaps

Every now and then we come across a random pair of eye catching shoes while having a coffee or similar.

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12/21 2011

VogVendors: Shawnimals

Shawn from Chicago, IL makes bad-ass pocket ninjas that are pint-sized masters of stealth, and are more about hugs and cookies than assassination. Shawn is a self-proclaimed ‘sucker for orange,’ and loves his Future Wills with orange stitching . You can get your hands on your own personal protector pocket ninja through his Shawnimals website or in the VogVending Machine in the Fluevog Calgary Store.

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12/20 2011

VogVendors: Sokadelix


Siobhan from Vancouver BC makes soft and cuddly sock monsters with a BAD attitude called Sokadelix. Each monster is handmade with new socks and has a handstitched face that shows its true evil character. Susan is a longterm Fluevoger, and is currently enjoying her Bellevue boots. You can get your hands on the Sokadelix sock monsters via Etsy or in the VogVending Machine in the Fluevog Calgary Store.

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12/16 2011

VogVendors: This Charming Candy

Named after a Smith’s song, This Charming Candy from Seattle, WA makes delicious gourmet lollipops in awesome flavours such as pistachio-marshmallow, salted anise, and black pepper melon.  Susan loves the Mini Elif and Kate is really into the Bellevue Pearl Harts. You can get your hands on their lollipops on their website or in the VogVending Machine in the Fluevog Calgary Store.

12/16 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Andrew

Name: Andrew

Store: Gastown

All time favourite Vog: Ferlinghetti’s, because they give you the all the confidence and sex appeal of a Han Solo or Captain Kirk in just one simple boot!

Favourite quote: Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke. – From Herman Hesse’s, “Steppenwolf”.

A personal goal: Well, I have a few. Teach social studies, become a part time actor, tour Europe with my band Plus Perfect, put out great records. Oh yeah, and be a good dad too!

12/2 2011

Friday’s Fluevogologist: Takeo

Name: Takeo

Store: Montreal

All time favourite Vog: Executor Capellas in burnt burgundy

Favourite quote or movie line:  ‘“We are star stuff harvesting sunlight.” ― Carl Sagan

A personal goal: Just recently joined up with some peeps to help get a small scale initiative off the ground, burrito project Montreal, where we make burritos and distribute them by bike to the hungry and the homeless around the city. There’s a few in other cities too, the original coming from LA, start one in yours! It’s wicked fun and the rewards are many and often delicious.

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