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Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams is a flamenco dancer, choreographer, instructor, and producer. She lives and breathes Flamenco, and her passion is contagious. Several other Fluevogers have followed and now take dance lessons from her. Since 2009, Andrea has graced the Gastown store with her glowing smile, kind charm, and lovely nature. She also works in translation and teaching French, and had a huge hand in the training and opening of Fluevog's newest store in Québec City.

Andrea has been a member of Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre since 2004 and has performed in its productions “Espiritu sin Nombre” (2004), "Poemas de Alegria" (2005), “Café de Chinitas” (2006), & “Café de Chintas Imagines del Oriente” (2007), Feria de la Costa (2007), and Café de Chinitas Vignettes (2010).

She has been featured with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver International Dance Festival, the Dance Centre’s Discover Dance series, Flamenco del Mar Festival, North Shore Folk Festival, Latin Festival and the West Coast Harp Society Tribute Concert to Jurgen Gothe.

Andrea's credits also extend to numerous performances in Vancouver & the Lower Mainland, 100 Mile House, Squamish & St. John’s, Newfoundland. She performs regularly in the Lower Mainland at the Kino Café and within the community.

Thanks to the generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts Professional Development Program, Andrea spent three exciting months in Jerez de la Frontera and Seville, Spain in 2010. She had the wonderful opportunity to enhance her traditional Sevillan bata de cola, mantón, and castańuelas technique and choreography at Escuela Matilde Coral. She also immersed herself in the exploration of a more contemporary styling with the innovative bailaora, Ángeles Gabaldón.

Andrea has trained extensively in Vancouver with Oscar Nieto and Kasandra La China at Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy. She has also studied with renowned flamenco artists such as Rosario Ancer, Rafaela Carrasco, Isabel Bayón, Ángeles Gabaldón, Maria “Cha-Cha” Bermudez, Andres Marin and Sara de Luis.


Andrea Williams


What are the inspirations behind your work?

Many - it boils down to paying hommage to the tradition, the people and the culture where the music originates, yet pushing the boundaries of expression.

Why Flamenco?

Because I had to. No other reason but it drew me in, played with my intellectual, my emotional and my creative brains, and now has me addicted. I would shrivel up and fade away without flamenco in my blood. Intense, I know.

Favourite part of working for Fluevog?

The people, the product, and the philosophy. How many other companies do you know are cool enough to offer artists' grants to their employees?!?

What does the future hold for you, Andrea?

I want to work a vineyard in Spain and dance flamenco until my body gives out on me. I want to continue learning and exploring until my mind gives out on me. And when that happens, call me "La Loca" and give me a cat, a rocking chair, and a glass of wine.

I would also love to say wicked thanks to Fluevog for allowing me to deepen my roots and to spread my wings.


Andrea Williams


Andrea is the innovator, the madness, and the driving force behind the “Raices y Alas” series. Originally debuted in September 2010, “Raíces y Alas” (Roots and Wings) was conceived as a full-length show depicting the interaction between traditional flamenco, its varying cultural influences, and its contemporary evolution. Andrea enjoys how “Raices y Alas – Voces” continues to stretch the limits of flamenco tradition.


For more information on Andrea Williams:

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy, 828 E. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6A 1R6

Canada Tel: 604-671-9182

Web: www.mozaicoflamenco.com

Email: andrea@mozaicoflamenco.com

See BLOG: www.mozaicoflamenco.com/blog


Andrea Williams

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