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My Gold Mask

My Gold Maskl

Their sound is the swirling quicksilver dream, the thin wild mercury music of legend, the grit of the Delta bottom and the jaunty din of the cabaret. It is a sound of vision – a recondite vision to be sure, but such is the essence of My Gold Mask.

This Chicago duo, drummer/vocalist Gretta Rochelle and guitarist Jack Armondo, share a wellspring of personal and musical experiences that shaped My Gold Mask’s direction -- a culmination, a fulfillment, of a long artistic road.

For the Brooklyn-born Armondo, his path was shaped by a wildly varied muse that flitted between surf-rock supremeo Dick Dale and the goth-pop of Depeche Mode. Meanwhile, Louisiana native Rochelle’s imagination was sparked by the exoticism of Hindi films and Japanese literature, and the sheer liberating force of Riot Grrl culture. A chance meeting between the pair at a rooftop party in the Windy City would serve as the flashpoint for their musical partnership.

My Gold Mask conjure a feeling rather than a simple sound. Their music is a part art-pop, part sonic poetry, and part personal chemistry.

Rochelle’s seraphic vocals and intuitive percussion cut against Armando’s nylon-string guitar, a single instrument constantly revealing a symphony of ideas. The group’s debut self-titled cassette-only release, and a pair of follow-up EPs, including the new A Million Miles (From Where We Were Last), have moved critics to fulsome praise, and a recognition of the band’s ability to merge soaring beauty and guttural power into one.

My Gold Mask

Photos: Jim Newberry

For more information on My Gold Mask, please contact Amy Lombardi at Beekeeper at amy@beekeepercorp.com or visit: www.mygoldmask.com

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