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Jaik Ohlson


My Gold Maskl

Jaik Olson is an artist based in Chinatown, Vancouver. He makes comics, draws posters, helps throw parties, and curates art shows - all under the thinly veiled moniker of Reverend Puppyteeth. Driving solely on the absurd and disturbing, Jaik's black humour offends many while tickling others into crying hysterics. Jaik's controversial work often satires his surroundings and background, poking fun of social taboo subjects such as homophobia, Ku Klux clan, S&M, and the pretense of religion. Some of Jaik's work, based in classic self-portraiture, highlights his self-depreciating and mocks the pretentiousness of being an artist. Even child actors are not immune to Jaik's comical harassment - or the bite of his puppyteeth.




Which Fluevog store do you work at?

I've been working for Fluevog for 3.5 years at the Granville Store with a touch of Gastown.


What's your favourite part of working for Fluevog?

Awesome environment, dope shoes, inspiring co-workers.





What's your favourite thing about your store, and the city you live in?

It's a cozy store, beautiful city, and thriving art community .


What exactly is it you do?

I paint/draw/curate/promote.





What's the inspiration behind your work?

Comics, everyday things, and absurdity.


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