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Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy is a playwright in New York City. Originally hailing from Portland Oregon, Paul moved to New York City and has been working for JF NYC since 2008. Paul's strong work ethic, attention to details, and ironic sense of humour has made him a valuable asset to the Fluevog team.

Being a playwright isn't as exciting, or easy to show of on a web page as most of the other arts, but we will try to show excerpts of Paul's writing, so you can see how awesome his work is.


Paul Hardy Paul Hardy


Paul Hardy


What exactly do you do?

I am a playwright living in New York, pretending to half know what that means and what i am doing. I write things. Plays mostly, but the occasional 'poem' and children's book happens, too.

I also make silly little pieces of text-driven visual art - portraits, I guess - that will probably never make it out of a drawer in my bedroom, but have dreams of a modest art show. Or a really obnoxious coffee table book. I am a member of the mixed-media collective Big Handsome Guts, and also the writing collective heartpunch.


Paul Hardy


Why are you a playwright?

I love writing plays more than anything in the world, and I was given an opportunity to do that with a group of artists whom I respect, and whose manifesto I can really get behind, on a type of project that was foreign and a little bit scary for me. It was a no-brainer. If you want to know more about them/us, check out this surprisingly professional website.


Paul Hardy


What is the inspiration behind your work?

My plays are inspired by, quite literally, everything in my life, from personal joys and tragedies, to news stories, to friends, to music, to strangers on the subway, to words that pop into my head out of nowhere. The play that Fluevog is helping fund, in specific, was born from a controlled collaborative process predicated upon melding the company (one director, two playwrights, five actors)'s disparate inspirations into a working text.

I always have about seven different plays in various stages of researched and written, and just finished one that I am looking to turn into something in the near future.


Paul Hardy


Favourite part of working for fluevog?

The people, both in the company and the clientele, are some of the friendliest, most interesting people I have been afforded the opportunity to spend time with. Loads of bitchin' shoes never hurt anybody, either.

My favourite thing about the New York store, other than my coworkers who have become legitimately close friends, is the boundless variety of customers that we interact with, presumably in large part because New York attracts so many different types of people, be it to visit or live here. I have met everything from seven-year old Icelandic cowboys to top-of-their-field neuroscientists to Sudanese models, and the best thing about Fluevoggers is that they are almost all achingly friendly. New York is a reflection of this, or, maybe, this is a reflection of New York: I can pretty much do and get anything I could imagine right here in the city I live in (except climb a real live mountain).


Paul Hardy


How long have you been wearing Fluevogs?

I've been fluevogin' for 13 years: My brother used to get the old paper catalogs in the 90's, and I inherited an amazing pair of cream and brown wing tips from him when I was thirteen; at least this is how I remember it - I'm sure my family will tell me that I got every part of this history completely wrong.

What are your dreams?

To be good enough at what I do that people will be actively interested in working with me, and if those people could pay me, that would be even better. 


For more information, please feel free to email Paul Hardy.


Paul Hardy

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