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FAQ & Rules

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please email us at

General Info

What can I use The FlueMarket for?

The FlueMarket was designed to help you buy, sell, and trade your Fluevog merchandise.

Is The FlueMarket really free?

Yes, Fluevog Shoes is committed to social and environmental responsibility – The FlueMarket is our way of encouraging people to recycle used Fluevog merchandise. As long as people use The FlueMarket responsibly, Fluevog Shoes plans to keep it free of charge.

What kind of Fluevog merchandise can I sell?

You can sell any merchandise that is made by John Fluevog Shoes, such as shoes, boots, bags and accessories.

We don’t allow items that are not made by, or authorized by John Fluevog Shoes.

I sold my shoes and need to edit my posting. How can I change it?

No worries, just click here. You can submit your email address, and it will email you all your postings with a link to edit each one.

Can my company or organization advertise products or services?

No, The FlueMarket is for individuals, not commercial enterprises. Manufacturers, retailers, consignment stores, distributors, and other companies are not permitted to promote or sell products and services.

How does Fluevog Shoes use my personal information?

We only use your personal information for The FlueMarket postings and administration. Your email address will not appear on your posting, but we will relay replies to it. We won’t sell your personal information to any third party (or fourth or fifth parties for that matter). For more info, please read our Privacy Policy.

Where can I read all the “small print”?

Other than these FlueMarket Rules, there are no conditions required to use The FlueMarket. In general, by using our site you are agreeing to follow the terms and conditions we’ve set out in our legal policy. We will monitor the FlueMarket on a regular basis, but we accept no responsibility for any transactions that do not go as the buyer or seller planned, and are not responsible for any lost monies or merchandise.

The FlueMarket Rules

  1. Used Fluevog Merchandise Only
    Keep postings limited to merchandise made by John Fluevog Shoes.
    The FlueMarket is for use by individuals, not commercial enterprises.
  2. No bad language
    Avoid nasty language, or we’ll remove your ad.
  3. No duplicate postings
    Please don’t submit duplicate postings.
  4. Canadian, Australian, or US prices only
    List your price in either Canadian, Australian, or US dollars.
  5. Keep it legal
    No illegal activities (i.e. no stolen stuff). Suspicious items will be investigated and removed.
  6. Fluevog veto power
    We reserve the right to edit or remove postings and/or photos at our discretion.

Tips for Buying and Selling

What role does Fluevog play in the process?

We approve and post listings, but are not responsible for John Fluevogs shoes, boots, or bags bought or sold or the transactions between parties. We do not administer, govern, or influence these relationships in any way.

Is it safe to do business with someone who doesn’t live in the same area?

There is always a risk involved when you aren’t able to complete a transaction with someone face to face. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Communicate with the person you are doing business with, both by email and by phone, to help ensure that there is open dialogue. If possible, provide photos of the items you are selling before shipping the product. Remember to make arrangements for who will pay for shipping and who will pay for return shipping in the event that the buyer chooses not to follow through with a purchase.
  2. Consider using an online service, such as or, to help safeguard yourself against potential fraud.
  3. Consider listing your items on Ebay, where buyers can use Paypal to purchase your items. You can then list your Ebay listing here in The FlueMarket.

Internet Fraud and Online Scams:

Any time you buy or sell items over the Internet there is the risk you will encounter people wanting to scam you or someone else out of money.

Be especially wary of users attempting to gather your personal information, or buyers asking you to cash a cheque worth more than the asking price of the item you are selling. These types of scams are very common. The buyer will state that they will mail a cashier cheque to you for a value greater than the item you are selling. They will request that you wire the “extra” money not used for the purchase of the item to their account. The cheque they send you will be fake. By the time your bank discovers this, the perpetrator will be long gone leaving you to clean up the mess.

It is best not to respond to these inquiries, simply delete the emails from your inbox.

Practice Safe Swapping

What is an escrow service?

An escrow service acts as a third party that holds money or property for two parties until specified conditions have been met. When you use an escrow service, such as or, it works like this:

  1. Either the buyer or seller starts a transaction with the escrow company.
  2. The buyer pays the escrow company for the value of the purchase.
  3. The seller ships the product to the buyer.
  4. The buyer approves the goods.
  5. The escrow company pays the seller.
  6. The escrow company charges a small percentage of the total sale to either the buyer or seller.

How does an escrow service protect buyer and seller from fraud?

The buyer pays the escrow service, not the seller. The seller then ships the merchandise to the buyer, who inspects the goods before the escrow service releases funds to the seller.

The seller is guaranteed payment for their goods, as the payment is sent to them by the escrow service as soon as the buyer inspects and approves the purchase.

Browsing For Postings

How can I filter postings to limit the results?

You can use the sizing search function to filter postings. Use the drop-down menus to select the type of postings that best match your needs. Since Fluevog shoes use a variety of shoe lasts in its production, the fit of different styles can vary. For this reason, the search results show shoes in a full size range above and below the chosen size.

How are the postings sorted?

Postings are sorted by date in descending order, so that the most recent postings appear first.

I can’t find the contact info for postings. Where is it?

We do not display email addresses within postings. This prevents addresses from being collected and used to send spam. To contact someone about their posting, click the “Email this person” link, and compose your email in the window that opens.

Can I view all the posting information?

Yes, click the image or Title.

Submitting New Postings

What do I need to include in my product’s description?

Remember to include any relevant sizing information, color descriptions, and the condition of the merchandise.

Can I display a photo with my posting?

Yes – you can submit three photos in jpg format with a maximum file size of 4MB.

Can I submit my posting more than once?

No, please wait until your posting has expired before you repost. Fluevog Shoes reserves the right to remove any duplicate postings at our discretion.

How long will take before my posting gets added to The FlueMarket?

Right away! Look for the activation email in your inbox to finalize your post to The FlueMarket.

Editing Postings

How long will my posting remain on the FlueMarket?

All postings remain on The FlueMarket for 30 days. After 30 days postings are automatically deleted.

I noticed an error on my posting. What should I do?

If you notice an error on your posting once it is on The FlueMarket, you can click on the link emailed to you to edit your posting. If you lost your email, click here to have it sent again.

How do I delete my posting before the 30-day automatic expiration period?

Please follow the directions in the email notification message we sent you when your posting was added to The FlueMarket. This email has a unique link that allows you to delete your posting.

I’ve lost the email notification message that was sent to me. Is there another way for me to delete my posting?

If you lost your email, click here to have it sent again. Once you recieve your email, click on the link to edit your posting.

Feedback  /  Help

Where can I send questions or feedback about The FlueMarket?

Please contact us by email at to share your feedback and questions about the The FlueMarket.

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