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Brown - Women’s 10 1/2
By B on 10/01/2018
Location: San Francisco, CA

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Condition: VERY GOOD - actual photos furnished upon request

MSRP: $249

The Curie was named after the scientist best known for her study of radioactivity (a term she coined). Madame Curie created techniques for isolating isotopes, discovered two new elements, and was the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes. Despite being denied tenure at her hometown Krakow University because she was a women, Curie proved their folly by her world changing research that included the first attempts at radiology as a possible cure for Cancer.

The Curies feature vegetable-tanned leathers with a soft pebbled texture, and are built on a 0.75" platform of exposed recycled cork with a 4" solid wood heel. John designed the Curie as a natural heeled slip-on sandal for those eco-minded, fashion-forward individuals who like to prove that patriarchy is dated, and are driven to prove the undiscovered. Natural Beauty Rules.
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