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Oksana Globa

Oksana Globa


Oksana Globa is a graphic designer and illustrator working in Calgary, Canada. In 2014 she embarked on a journey to Canada as a student and soon received a diploma in New Media Production and Design. She also holds her Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Animation from the Ukraine. While working in a Publishing House as an Art Editor, Oksana was immersed into the real world of deadlines and endless book layouts. This valuable industry experience helped her mature professionally. Aside from the hardline editing and working as a full time graphic designer, she created book covers and illustrated several textbooks for children. Creativity and constant learning is what Oksana is always hungry for.


How long have you been Fluevogin’ for?

Frankly speaking, I got to discover Fluevog only in 2016 when I was visiting Toronto, where one of the places I visited was the Distillery Historic District. Being famous for its distinct look and vibe, the Fluevog boutique was on my list of places to see. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the shoes that were exhibited there.


On entering the contest:

My boyfriend’s father sent me a page with some of the contests that Fluevog hosts and one of them caught my eye right away. I sketched out some shoe model designs that inspired me- and Modotti was one of them.

3. On her winning design, You are a natural wonder:

The Modotti is glamorous, coquettish, tender, stylish, and funky at the same time. I could not look any further, but built my design around that feel. Modotti has this unique concept, where the shape of the drops in the middle stylistically resembles “organic” elements commonly seen in the wild. It has inspired me to incorporate similar shapes within my design. The rose that grows from a curvy culm that penetrates into the drops to make the model look natural and raw. The camera flash is further in the background, focusing the attention on the shoes as the main subject as well as the person who owns them, they are the centre of attention… that’s when you can name them a natural wonder.


Apart from art and design, what do you like to do for fun?

I really enjoy hiking in the Rocky Mountains with my boyfriend. I like when he challenges me to climb the higher mountains. He always pushes me higher, where I can hardly breathe. It’s tough, but once you reach the end point the satisfactory warmth trickles down your body and you become aware inside of yourself – ‘I am capable of anything, I just need to set a solid path for my goals’. Nature makes me feel calm and gives me a constant source of inspiration. I also keep myself active by dancing salsa.

What are your dreams?

I would love to fly one day on the air balloon across the mountains with my family or on the helicopter to grasp that breathtaking view…

For more of Oksana’s work, have a look at her portfolio!

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