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Thank you Ashley

Thanks for your kind words Ashley! I hope this design inspires the designers! Stay safe out there!


Ashley - Ardrossan
Oh my gosh Cassandra, We've got to be kindred spirits!!!!
I have been talking about this with my family and Edmonton----wishing John would do a nurses shoe, I tried for Dr. Henry but to no avail.
I am a Palliative Nurse Consultant and sadly Covid has impacted all aspects of nursing for sure. I actually share my Birthday with Florence Nightingale and would LOVE to see this come to fruitition and be able to wear them while I work. People often ask me why I spend so much money on Fluevogs. Let me tell you they are a wonderful conversation starter when I walk in to meet a palliative patient/family at their most vulnerable time and we can chat about something other than suffering, dying and death. They bring a little sunshine into the room if you will :)

Anyways, thank you for your creation. I hope I get to own a pair very much so!!
Stay well & safe,
Ginger Ashley

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