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Fluevog Distillery – Retail Store Manager

If you’ve been walking around thinking, “Gee, I wish I could manage the most amazing retail store in the Fluniverse,” then we have some great news to report. Your dream could just become a reality! Read through the job description below, have a look at our website, and if you think you have the chops to be our next superstar store manager, send your cover letter, resume and references to We can’t wait to hear from you (especially you).

Job Summary: To manage the brand, Fluevog Distillery and be the team-lead in sales, operations, inventory, customer service, communication, training and coaching.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

The role of John Fluevog Store Manager extends beyond that of a typical retail manager to provide an in-person experience that represents the brand. Sales, store operations and personnel management are key areas of performance. The Store Manager also acts as a liaison between head office and retail store staff, keeping everyone informed of what’s happening in the company. Being an active part of the local community is also an important role of the Store Manager. Store Managers must ensure that the store opens and closes on time and in accordance with Fluevog policies. Staff must be properly trained and motivated. Inventory is always organized and presented neatly. All reports are prepared and presented in a timely manner. Policies and procedures are understood and followed by everyone in the store. And above all, communication is authentic and honest.

Supervisory Responsibilities

As supervisors, Store Managers ensure customer interactions are always at the highest standard to best reflect and grow the brand. Training and coaching should be delivered in a way that is suited to each employee’s learning style. Information must be shared between head office and retail employees on a consistent basis. The Store Manager is also responsible for maintaining the brand’s integrity and leading by example.


Store Managers must have leadership experience, sales experience, positivity, creativity and a willingness to learn.

Required experience

2 Years of Management experience

Required special physical skills and /or manual dexterity skills

Ability to lift at least 25 pounds

Ability to be on your feet for 8 hours at a time

Ability to kneel and crawl

Climb up and down stairs frequently on a daily basis

Climb ladders

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