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Pièce de remplacement pour le talon de votre modèle Operetta et Soprano préféré. Tous les remplacements de talons sont envoyés en surface par la poste régulière. Oui, on vous en donne une paire. Un et deux!

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never know when you'll need them

Christine - Virginia
Yes similar to what someone else had commented on I've lost my heel a couple of times. Generally I've been able to locate them and just shove them back in. Sadly with my shoes I lost a button on the strap so I'm hoping somewhere in the fluevog universe they may have one I can order. Always good to have a spare set of heel replacements though

I asked the store twice to include these in my order - ignored!

Gina - Australia
Sigh - I followed up not one but TWO orders with a request to have these heel parts included. No reply, so I followed up with a second email. No reply, so I thought, cool, they just know I'll get them in the package. No such joy. Now I have to spend a small fortune on postage to get them to Australia. nb I have purchased literally dozens of pairs of shoes from Fluevog, so not getting a reply (presumably because it involved just an additional $4 or $8 transaction) was just not cool.

Thank heavens!

Denise M Montgomery - United States
Somehow both of these loosened on my glorious red boots and I actually lost one somewhere. Imagine a woman in hot red Vogs hobbling around a parking lot, scrutinizing every last square inch, despairing.

I'm buying two sets just in case.
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