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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Sean C. de notre New York Selon la boutique :

The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.

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NoirRouge Vin


Cette botte épouse les contours de la jambe qui la porte. Elle est parfaite pour toute espionne britannique, qu'elle soit en jupe courte ou en pantalon ajusté. Les deux petites boucles en haut et la plus large permettent aussi de bien l'ajuster. Toute de cuir, elle est munie de la semelle F-Sole pour le confort et la durabilité. Mais faites attention où vous posez les pieds, car un F laissé au sol pourrait vous dévoiler.

La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (33 cm - 13"), pointure 8-9 (35,5 cm - 14") pointure 10-11 (38 cm - 15"). Hauteur approximative : Pointure 6-7 (37 cm - 14,5"), pointure 8-9 (38 cm - 15") pointure 10-11 (39 cm - 5,5"). Talon :  4 cm (1,5").

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Sean C. de notre New York Selon la boutique :

The Bondgirl Boots fit like a glove, with a slim fit around the calf.



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Tried and True!!

Tina-Marie Bailey - North Vancouver, B.C.
It was about 15 years ago that I purchased my first pair of Bond girls in San Fran, CA. They were my favourite boot because of their ability to be so comfortable (could walk for miles) and the way I felt when I wore them. I could do anything!!
Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I sadly realized they were looking a bit worn. I was so happy to discover they were on sale! This week they arrived in the mail. They fit perfect and I am ready to walk for another fifteen years or more! These ones have the buckle detailing which I love as my first ones were plain.
Thanks to Patrick in the Vancouver Granville store for providing excellent service!
I loved my 1st bind girl. However, I did have zipper issue, poping open from the bottom after a month, only wearing them indoor at the office; zipper had to be replaced. The repair/sewing was not great..even though it was from a very reputable cobbler/ ocd gal here just sucked it up.
Calf area was tight and did loosen up slightly.

I was excited to purchase my 2nd pair of Bond girl.
Well! After reading all the reviews, I will surely make my decision not to get my 2nd pair of Bond girls.
I am so so sorry for every one who had such a poor quality product in their new Bond girl.
JF..you need to step it up!

Maya Angelou...
“When you know good, do good”
“When you know good, thrn go, and do bad”
“Woooo” “stop” “JF”

When all issues are resolved boy I would love my 2nd Bond girl!

Great fitting boot for girls with slender calves

Krista-Layne Brandon - Cambridge, Ontario
I purchased these boots in Toronto a few days ago after a lengthy search for tall boots that nicely fit my long thin legs. These are very shapely and super comfortable. The exterior leather isn’t the most supple. I hope it will last without cracking. The interior leather lining is very nice and the soles are rugged. All in all, I’m quite pleased with my purchase. I normally wear a size 9.5 but purchased these in a 10.
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