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BBC: Hommes

Classic Lace-up Boot

Hommes (US)
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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Roland de notre Seattle Selon la boutique :

One of the best fitting boots for all types.

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Avec la botte BBC à six oeillets, John a créé une version mise à jour de la botte d'ouvrier des années 20. C'est un des styles classiques qui se trouve toujours en haut de la liste de tout fanatique de la mode (et parfois même de celle des ouvriers). Fabriquée du cuir solide et graisseux Atlas, la botte BBC complétera bien votre accoutrement. Avec un accent coloré de sarcelle/bleu royal sur le tirant, une semelle large et une semelle et talon en tunite, la BBC est un nouveau succès classique de la part de votre designer préféré.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_BBC

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Roland de notre Seattle Selon la boutique :

One of the best fitting boots for all types.



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Loveable After Wearing-in

Dave - Fairfax
I got the black bbcs. The blue inner-lining is definitely couture and makes these boots special. There are narrow boots and it took me about 3 months to wear them in so that they weren't so tight. Now they are pretty lovable.

Classic JF Boots

Thomas - Vancouver
I got the brown BBC's in a size ten two years ago at christmas and I have worn them for two winters and they are still going strong. I haven't had to replace either the sole or heel in all that time and the leather has gotten scuffed and worn in a beautiful way. They work well with everything, can be dressed up or down and with the extra long laces you can get pretty creative with how you tie them. If you are a first time fluevoger and are a bit intimidated by some of the awesomeness at fluevog, this boot and others from the radios family are a good gateway shoe into the world of fluevogery - they were for me and now I own 14 pairs. Try them, love them, get addicted - its really the best thing you could do for yourself.


Patrick Neville - Salt Lake City
I bought the black Radios last month and already they seem to be coming apart. One of the tags on the back ripped off with little pull, the sole seems to be separating from the shoe already, and I can see the bent exposed nails coming through the rubber on the heel. It's like they were put in sideways, or maybe that's just from walking on them constantly. I don't know. The rubber is also already cracking and chunks on the back and front of heels are starting to fall off. The sole is extremely thin and already wearing down on the sides, a goathead sticker can get through and poke your foot! I've already gone through both pairs of laces that came with the boots, neither lasted over two weeks before snapping during lace up. Highly frustrating. I work in an office, I don't do construction or go hiking in them or anything like that. I've done a fair share of walking in them around town, but that's about it. They are pretty comfortable and very cool looking, I like them, but for the price I'm a little disappointed. Maybe this is first time normal wear in? As this is my first pair, but I feel like they won't last 6 months at this rate.
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BBC: Hommes Brun Classic Lace-up Boot
BBC: Hommes Brun Classic Lace-up Boot
BBC: Hommes Brun Classic Lace-up Boot
BBC: Hommes Brun Classic Lace-up Boot

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