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Talon plateforme à courroie

Femmes (US)
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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Denny and Monika de notre San Francisco (Haight) Selon la boutique :

The Leader is a classic style that is true to size!

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Se basant sur les leçons inestimables qu'il apprit par ses expériences de camping alors qu'il était garçon, John dessina une chaussure pour femme dotée d'un cuir épais et souple, de boucles Fluevog, d'une plateforme cachée faite de liège recyclé, le tout sur une semelle tunite avec une adhérence en caoutchouc. Ce sabot à courroie hypermoderne s'assure que tout le monde suit celle qui mène. Prepare for the Future, choose well today. (Préparez-vous pour l'avenir, faites le bon choix aujourd'hui.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_leader

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Denny and Monika de notre San Francisco (Haight) Selon la boutique :

The Leader is a classic style that is true to size!



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Tricky Straps!!

Pamela - Brockville
These lovely shoes arrived today. I had tried them on at the Ottawa store, so had a good idea of the fit. At the store the helpful staff buckled me into the shoes. I had no idea how hard it would be to do it myself once these beauties became my own. I struggled to get the strap to meet the buckle holes for about five minutes and then finally had to use a pair of pliers to pull the strap tight enough to finish the task. Crazy! I'm hoping that they stretch out with wear. I don't usually carry a pair of pliers to get my shoes on. Longer straps and more options of holes would help those of us with high arches.

Great shoes, high arches beware.

Kelly - Winnipeg
I bought the blue and black map ones and these shoes are great! I do however have a couple of issues and one is that some of the black strippes are rubbed off. Another problem I have is that I can barely do them up! It takes me five minutes of struggling to get them done up on the last hole. It might be because I have high arches but I have never had this problem before. Fluevog should consider lengthening the strap and adding a hole because I find it crazy that someone with skinny and narrow feet can barely do them up.
John Fluevog
Thanks Kelly! We will pass along your feed back to our Flue-elves about lengthening the straps. In the mean time, your local cobbler can both help ease the leather to accommodate your high arch as well as add extra holes for you!
Shahrzad - Dallas, TX
I loved it. So so comfortable.
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