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Femmes (US)
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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Petrea and Ali de notre New York Selon la boutique :

Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!

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Faite à partir d'une forme pour homme, avec un harnais amovible, des courroies à boucle ajustables, une semelle en caoutchouc et un talon de 2" (5 cm) enrobé de cuir, Luna est une botte pour dames à la fois équestre et féminine assez robuste pour l'hiver qui vous permettra de faire face aux éléments sans effort tout en ayant l'air vraiment séduisante. Jumelant les éléments de design de la collection Adrian avec le cuir pleine fleur Atlas de la collection Radio qui se plisse et possède une belle patine, la botte Luna sera encore plus splendide avec le temps. Conçue en jumelant la semelle F-Sole de la botte Bondgirl avec la botte à talons Heidi de la collection Adrian, Luna porte le nom de notre soeur terre-à-terre préférée qui étudie la médecine chinoise. A thankful person is a happy person. (Une personne reconnaissante est une personne heureuse.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_luna

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large
Mollet étroit Mollet large

Petrea and Ali de notre New York Selon la boutique :

Great fit in the foot bed and in the ankle. Some with more muscular calves can't quite get the zipper all the way up, but the leather is easy to stretch!



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Love ❤️

Cynthia - Kenosha
Adriana LUNA boot. Love it, very comfy but had to get a whole size bigger and they fit perfect. So it's important to really pay attention to how the "Fit Expert" describes the shoe. The calf is narrow but can stretch to 15". Leather is a brown distressed look, very pretty. I have a few Fluevog and haven't been disappointed yet ???? The manager at the Minneapolis Minnesota store was a great help as well and they delivered fast, got my boots the next day.

Luna hits it to the moon!

Dawn - Seattle
First off, to respond to the person who said her sample sale Luna's had plastic buckles. For the sample shoes, they don't always use true metal fittings since the sample it to determine whether they will do a full run of a shoe and making custom metal fittings for a sample shoe doesn't make sense. So her boot probably did have plastic buckles.

However, on the Luna's I just bought, they are most definitely metal buckles. Just laying to rest any concerns about quality there.

And I was surprised that my boots zipped without any needed stretching. I run and have muscular calves, so finding boots that fit without any stretching is a miracle. I can tell I will get a lot of use out of these! And who can argue with a cool purple boot? Apparently I can't.

Get a pair before they are gone

Kendle - Nepean, Ontario
I am probably repeating what others have said but these are fabulous winter boots. Like others, I jumped on buying a pair when they went on sale on Boxing day...online, though I had seen them in the Ottawa store but never tried them on. I got the brown colour and while another reviewer mentioned they appeared lighter, my pair are not, they are a delicious dark burnt caramel brown. I guess each pair are unique. Now for the sizing, I tend to be anywhere from a 9.5-10.5 in fluevogs and my calves are not small! I ordered the 10.5 since there weren't any in a size 10. I am glad I did, they are roomy in the shoe box but that will allow an extra pair of socks, I also think the 10 would have been a squeeze for my feet.

Ok so I ordered boots online and have anything but small calves...yikes...I knew in a worse case scenario I could make the trek to the Ottawa store and have them stretched but when these boots arrived I followed the suggestions from other reviewers and patiently worked on zipping them up. I was surprised the right boot gave me little trouble but it took about 15 minutes and some cursing to get the left boot zipped up. So worth the effort!! I kept them on for a bit and I never felt like the zipper was going to explode. I did loosen the top buckle for a bit of give. The next day they zipped up a bit easier so I decided to spray them with all weather protector since I am planning to wear them through the winter: snow, slush and all. Walked in them all day and have been walking in them ever since. What great boots, the leather is still softening and the distressed look of the boots make me less concerned about wearing them out in the real world and in real weather. You do get two different boots, with or without the strap around the ankle which I like. So glad I took a chance on them. I am sure these beauties are going to get better looking with age. Soooo go on now buy a pair!
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