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Guardian Angel


Bottine cambrée en cuir

Hommes (US)
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L'expert en Ajustement

Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Maddy de notre Ottawa Selon la boutique :

Fit true to size! The Nathan has a super comfy sole and soft leather.

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Nathan Vert Bottine cambrée en cuirNathan Noir Bottine cambrée en cuirNathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir


John s'est inspiré de la botte cambrée de style traditionnel pour créer Nathan de la collection Guardian Angel, une botte durable et remplie de Fluevogovité naturelle (oui, c'est un mot). La semelle Guardian Angel est biodégradable et fabriquée à 100% de latex durable et naturel extrait de l'Hévéa. Ces bottes sont fabriquées dans une manufacture vietnamienne merveilleuse d'un doux cuir italien, avec des détails subtils, et un élastique qui rappelle avec élégance un tweed; le tout agencé pour créer un look Fluevog à la fois sophistiqué et durable. Ces anges gardiens chantent toujours le même air classique et célèbre « Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan. (Résiste à l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan )» et ce, pour les années à venir.

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Maddy de notre Ottawa Selon la boutique :

Fit true to size! The Nathan has a super comfy sole and soft leather.



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Still Magical...

William - Ogden
Amazed to see my earlier review of the light green Nathans still here (footnote: 5 years and hundreds of miles later, they approach the need for a retread, but boy have they endured and beautifully so...) Finally caved and got them in the blue (one loves a steal) and they are as perfect and amazing as I felt with the revised greens... may I keep them five years or more... I would buy the black or brown in a heart beat if I knew for sure the soles would hold up as well as the standard the new blue (and the old green) have been built to...

From disappointment to anger

Katherine - Washington DC
My husband bought these in late 2015 and kept them as fancy shoes for about a year. Then he started wearing them and the soles started falling off. I took them to my old Italian cobbler who said the sole materials were incompatible and could not be fixed. He recommended that I seek a refund for the boots. I wrote customer service and never heard back. Boo on that.

A month ago, I took the shoes to the Fluevogs store in Georgetown to complain in person. The clerk seemed to listen, and offered to send the shoes for repair. I was very clear about the materials of the soles being the problem, and specifically stated in words that we wanted the soles replaced with the new, hopefully durable material.

Today we got a call and went to pick up the boots. They look great, but the soles are just new latex soles, which will probably start falling off again before snow falls. Seems the first clerk simply wrote “replace soles” without making our issues with materials part of the equation. The clerk who we met today agreed to absorb the cost of the soles, but we still had to shell out $65. For the cobbler’s time.

The galling, really f*#ed up part is that she looked at me and said “when you bring them back next time, be sure to say you want the new sole material.” Well guess what, I did that once. And it did no good. Double boo on you, John Fluevog.

I really hope to hear back from you guys. We’re repeat customers and would like to remain such. But this is an expensive and frustrating pair of boots. You owe us a trade to a new pair with the durable soles. And an apology for crappy service wouldn’t hurt.

John was right

Sean Melom - Minneapolis, MN
I thought the Ronalds were the perfect boots. They did, in fact, redefine what I think of as a decent boot. I was wearing them so much that I came to the conclusion that the only way I could save them from prematurely wearing out was to get a second pair of Fluevog boots. I even posted a review of the Ronalds on this site, that I ended by saying that the Nathan looked like a good choice.

Much to my surprise, John Fluevog commented on that review that I would't be disappointed in the Nathan. And, oh my god was he right.

The Nathans are virtually identical to the Rolands in comfort. I've walked miles in both and never regretted it. The avocado green is a gorgeous color, and mint green soles are the prefect complement. Which brings me to the only problem I've had: the first complements I received on these boots happened when I made the mistake of wearing them on St Patricks day and everyone thought I was being thematically correct instead of just stylishly comfortable.

Although, they did notice my boots, which has never happened to me before.
Ever. Not even with my Rolands.

Buy these boots. You'll only be disappointed with them if you want to walk barefoot on a beach and can't find a safe place to stash them.
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Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir
Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir
Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir
Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir
Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir
Nathan Brun Bottine cambrée en cuir

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