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Fluevog Shoes

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JF Cream

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If you want your Fluevogs to experience a spa-like conditioning, hydrating, and color/colour touch up session, this cream is just what you'll need! It's perfect for moisturizing and re-colouring both smooth and pebbled leathers.

Clean and remove excess dirt and dust, apply the cream evenly with a soft cotton cloth, massaging it into the leather, and then let it dry for 10 minutes.

Don't forget to let them sit for a while so that the color/colour stays!

Dimensions: 2.25" width x 1" height

1.48oz | 42g | 50ml 



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Spiffy in a Jiffy!

Anne - Voglandia
These vibrant colour creams quickly revitalised my vintage platform F-Shoes. My shoes are a rare combination of purple and burgundy, and the violet and dark cherry creams blended perfectly while completely recolouring the areas which had been scuffed down to raw leather (three applications were required). They even masked the areas of black scuffs caused by the opposite heel bumping the inside leather. I used a combination of a cloth and cotton buds to apply the cream. I advise wearing rubber gloves as the cream will stain skin.

Orange Crushed It!

KATHY E EVANS - United States
Thank you, Fluevog, for saving my favorite Summer shrimp colored sandal/shoes. The orange cream brought them back to life!

A great shoe care product

Phyllis - United States
Aside from the custom formulated colors that perfectly match my Fluevogs I love using this cream on all of my shoes and handbags. It moisturizes the leather and buffs up to a gorgeous sheen even on leather than has been a bit abused. Fabulous!
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JF Cream Neutral
JF Cream Neutral

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