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Listen Ups


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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Shawn and Gabe de notre Washington DC Selon la boutique :

The Wanda is stunning, but it does fit a bit narrow. It's common for Fluevogers to go up a size in this style.


Pour ceux parmi vous qui ne sont pas complètement à jour en ce qui concerne les légendes polonaises, Wanda était une princesse polonaise audacieuse dont la beauté et la force la menèrent, avec ses armées, vers de nombreuses batailles et victoires. Il y a de fortes chances qu’elle ne portait pas cette paire de talons splendides avec leurs bouts en amande, mais la Wanda de la famille Listen Up est inspirée par le genre de femme qui n’a pas peur de se tenir debout (sur des talons de 10 cm (4”)) pour ce en quoi elle croit. La force peut souvent se trouver dans des lieux inusités, comme dans une belle paire de Charles IX à talon avec doubles courroies, ou dans la fille d’un ancien roi polonais.

*De temps en temps, John dessine une chaussure qu'il croit venir à la fois des cieux et de la terre. Une chaussure qui est à la fois parfaite et époustouflante - qui transcende les désirs terrestres et propage une stupéfaction céleste. Lorsque ça arrive, elle devient membre de sa collection signature Streets of Gold.

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Shawn and Gabe de notre Washington DC Selon la boutique :

The Wanda is stunning, but it does fit a bit narrow. It's common for Fluevogers to go up a size in this style.



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sexy but demanding

Andrea - Toronto
The good news: these are stunners, and I'm in love with them. The bad news: the toe box is very narrow and tight even though I sized up to a 9.5 and am of average foot width. (I'm usually a 9. The 10 was too big in the heel and too long.) The further good news: after asking my local Fluevologist to stretch the toe box across its widest point on three different occasions using their torture tool, the shoes are much more comfortable! They make me feel like a million bucks, and I love how they nod to the earlier version of the Listen Up heel (scalloped edge, flat heel tip). Just be warned that unless you're very narrow in the toe bridge, you may need the professionals to break them in for you. Don'tIt's worth it. Don't make your poor feet do the job!

Wanda, oh Wanda!

Nancy - Grass Valley
These shoes are undeniably smoking hot!

I felt comfortable enough in them to clown around the store, but I'm not sure I'd want to walk three or four blocks in them. It's not that they aren't stable - they feel fine - it's that I am afraid I would fall on my face!

Fit: I sized up a half size and can't imagine fitting my foot in the toe box of my normal size. Since they are leather, I imagine they'd stretch and be fairly comfortable.

Plus, surprise, surprise, I accidentally fastened one of the buckles to cross the straps instead of buckle them parallel and wonder of wonders, they were vastly more attractive on my ankle. Slimming and lengthening! Give it a try.

As you might imagine, these stayed at the store.

But maybe someday I will be brave and these shoes would be at the top of my list for learning to walk in high heels! :)

These shoes are hot!

Astrogal - Barrie
Beautiful shoes! I am regularly a Vog size 7.5 but ordered them in a size 8 as I thought the toebox may have been too narrow, and they fit fine. Not the most comfortable Vogs that I own, but then again how comfortable can you expect to be in 4" heels? I am more of a flats girl but can definitely see myself wearing these for a few hours at a special occasion, and it would help me to put a bandaid on the pinky toes as they seem to rub there and cushions for the balls of the feet, as that is also a pressure point for me. The black is not as "shiny" in person as it seems on the website, it is a matted leather not a patent leather type as it seemed to me online. Still, I am keeping these hot and sexy babies and expect to receive compliments on them as I do on nearly all my Vogs!


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