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7th Heaven

Derby Swirl
(6 Oeillets)

Désolé, nous sommes en rupture de stock!

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Kate de notre Los Angeles (Abbot Kinney) Selon la boutique :

True to size, and incredibly comfortable!

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Il y a près de 25 ans, John lançait les premiers Fluevogs au monde avec la semelle Angel! Depuis, les Angels ont fait partie de différents mouvements sociaux et stylistiques, et sont souvent décrites comme les semelles les plus confortables de la planète. La collection 7th Heaven des semelles Angel ajoute du caoutchouc au mouvement, tout en offrant toujours le même confort auquel vous êtes habitués et la possibilité de remplacer la semelle. Les semelles iconiques Angel résistent toujours à « l'alcali, l'eau, l'acide, la fatigue et à Satan » et le modèle Derby Swirl fera tourner toutes les têtes le long de votre périple. Comme le dit la languette : Don't Delay, Fluevog Today - DDFT (N'attendez pas, Fluevoguez dès aujourd'hui.)

Les Derby Swirls bourgognes, noirs et bruns ont été légèrement revisités avec une trépointe sur mesure, une semelle intérieure en mousse OrthoLite et un ange estampé et peint sur le talon.


Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Kate de notre Los Angeles (Abbot Kinney) Selon la boutique :

True to size, and incredibly comfortable!



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Love the boots. Shoe laces disintegrated.

These boots are fantastic. I have the burgundy derby swirls and I get compliments on them every day. My only issue is the laces. They have completely disintegrated. I went back to the store, there are no replacements and no way to order any. The issue with that is the boots look completely different with different laces. I don’t understand why a company would produce a product with no replacements available. The staff are apologetic about the issue.

Shoelaces wore off

Maria - Toronto
I've had these boots in burgundy for a year and I absolutely love them. They are super comfortable and look awesome. The only drawback is that the shoelaces just disintegrated after a few months. I've been back to the store and they have been super nice but have not had a replacement in that colour. I had to get shoelaces somewhere else and they totally don't look as cute as the original ones. I just haven't been able to find the original ones and it's a bit disappointing.

Made in India, Matte Black version

R - Rhode Island
I have been wearing derby swirls since 1992. This is not my first rodeo. I have about 20 pairs of Fluevogs in my closet, and that’s a conservative count. My fluevogologist convinced me to try these even though I was wary to buy them— they are made in a newly sourced factory, and even though the move from Portugal was probably an attempt to cut costs, they also came with a $50 price hike on a shoe that clearly isn’t incurring any new design costs.

These shoes are fine, I guess. But in no way close to the quality I expect. The boots are sized unisex, unlike earlier models, so the fit is wide. I guess no women’s version saves money. The leather scratches easily. The stitching came with many threads loose and the angels rubbed off the heels in a about a week. Worst, the pull on the back tore off within a month or two of purchase. I had most of these issues fixed by my local cobbler, pull tag reattached, threads clipped. The pull on my 20 year old f-shoes has not budged, btw.

The boots are fine, just not great. And it’s not a dealbreaker, I’ve purchased 2 pairs of Fluevogs since that I love, and I have a pair in my cart. But I’m a loyal customer, not a beta tester, not at these prices. Very disappointed that the quality control failed this time.
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Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)
Derby Swirl (6 Oeillets)

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