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Chaussure avec découpes perlées

Femmes (US)
Désolé, nous sommes en rupture de stock!

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L'expert en Ajustement

Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Denny & Rachel de notre San Francisco (Haight) Selon la boutique :

You'll want to go down at least 1/2 size with these as they fit big. The colors are amazing. Gotta love the striped heels!


Bien que John possède plusieurs croyances de longue date, personne ne peut nier qu’il a toujours été ouvert à changer son point de vue, ou de view pour le terme anglais. Modotti, par exemple, se veut une toute nouvelle approche de la séduisante famille des Views. Des découpes perlées ludiques et uniques ornent la tige alors que son talon de 9,5 cm est enrobé de cuir et du EVA créant des ratures fantaisistes. Things look different from a distance. (Les choses paraissent différentes dans la distance.)

  • Fabriqué au Portugal
  • Cuir lisse et nappa
  • Talon de 9,5 cm enrobé de cuir
  • Semelle tunite
  • Talon remplaçable

Trouvé dans: Chaussure, Talon, Femmes


Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Denny & Rachel de notre San Francisco (Haight) Selon la boutique :

You'll want to go down at least 1/2 size with these as they fit big. The colors are amazing. Gotta love the striped heels!



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Fisrt Pair of Fluevogs!

I walked into the Minneapolis store thinking I wanted a low heel. I had lusted for Fluevogs at least a half dozen years. These were so eye catching (blue) that I had to try them on. I tried on 10 pairs of shoes, including Guide (10) and Allison (9.5) both of which are in my future, but these were on sale! And I took them home in a 9.5. ( I wear 9 in Ariat and in Born) I have a high arch, and a wide-ish foot. I also have an ugly arthritic lump at the side/top of the 1st metatarsal on one foot. These fit very well in spite of all of that. I wore them 3 evenings at home , several hours, to break them in before wearing them out. These babies are SOLID. No wobble even with the high heel, and the hidden platform knocks some height off, making these easty o walk in. The most solid pair of heels i have ever owned. I'll be back for more shoes, after I work a little over time <LOL>

Super Stylish!

Arya T - Oakland
I came in looking for one pair of shoes and ended up walking out with the blue Modottis. The stacked heel with a slight curve might look a little high, but in actuality, the boot is easy to walk in and comfortable. I used to be able to strut up and down the steep heels of SF wearing four inch heels, but lately I could barely wear two without feeling like I am going to fall. What I love about Fluevogs is how comfortable and stable they feel. I think I may just be able to strut up the hill again in these! Plus, they look great with both jeans and skirts/dresses. I usually wear 10.5 to 11 in Fluevogs, and took a 10.5 in these.
I love these so much it hurts! I'm usually a 10.5 (or 11 for narrower Vogs) and got these in a 10, and they fit perfectly. I often wear them to shows where I'm standing for long periods, but the platform saves my toes from the stress of a regular heel. Sometimes I leave them sitting out because just looking at them make me so happy!
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