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East End


Botte mi-mollet à lacets

Femmes (US)
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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Erin & Tanaya de notre New Orleans Selon la boutique :

Great fit overall.

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Renaissante des formes et motifs du passé Fluevog, la famille East End regroupe des classiques revisités qui vous pousseront un peu au-delà de vos limites de confort. Elle combine une tige atemporelle avec le talon Mezzo enrobé de cuir de 6,5 cm (2,5") pour créer un beau design marginal. Fabriqué avec amour au Portugal, la Gladstone est une botte à lacets qui fait rêver avec ses œillets surdimensionnés et ses lacets en coton sergé.

  • Fabriqué au Portugal
  • Cuir cordovan lisse
  • Grands oeillets en métal
  • Lacets en coton sergé
  • Semelle en caoutchouc
  • Talon de 6,5 cm (2,5") enrobé de cuir avec sous-bout en caoutchouc
  • Talon remplaçable

Trouvé dans: Botte, Talon, Femmes


Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Erin & Tanaya de notre New Orleans Selon la boutique :

Great fit overall.



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Bought the Teal and Purple

Stephanie - Moncton
I found a stray Fluevog sticker at work (I work for the company Fluevog ships with) and stuck it on my fridge. While I knew that the colourful boxes that I frequently see contained shoes, I had no idea what awesomeness was in them! After about 6 weeks of seeing "NO, YOU'RE WEIRD" catching my eye on a daily basis from the fridge door, I decided to sit down and see what Fluevog was all about. The first pair of Vogs I fell in love with were the Gladstones in Teal, but I was not prepared for the price. (I sat on the fence for about 6 weeks before buying another (less expensive) pair of Vogs first). I ended up buying the last pair of 11/12 Gladstones in teal. I will admit that I wasn't sure about them at first. Even at 11/12 they were a bit snug on me, but after reconfiguring the laces they fit quite well. So I bought the purple pair in 12 and strangely enough one boot fits like a 12 and the other fits like a 11/12. I haven't had a lot of true break in time yet - winter arrived early in Moncton this year - so I wear them around the house a lot. But wow. They are beautiful. I love love love them and I can wear them for hours at home and they have even inspired me to create dress/clothing patterns. Very pleased with both sets of boots!

Worrisome quality... first time Fluevog has disappointed!

Laura - West Allis
Four months after I bought these beauties, I was surprised to discover that the rubber heels were wearing through. I contacted Fluevog and since it was in the 8 month warranty, the replacement was covered. I included a note with my vogs (probably the 12th pair I've owned over the last 18 years) asking, if the heels wear out so quickly, could they include another set ( I would gladly pay for) so I could get them replaced in the future? No reply to that note when I received my fluevogs returned. fast forward 2 months, and the heel rubber is wearing out AGAIN. WTH? If the warranty is still in place, it is VERY close. Never had this problem with ANY other vogs, and of course the heel style isn't available for online purchase. This is a lot of money to spend on shoes that are unwearable in 6 months. :(
John Fluevog Shoes
Hi Laura! Replacement heel lifts can be ordered by calling any of our stores directly. ;)

Heels fell off

Patricia Steiner - Vancouver
Not impressed- as much as I like the boots, for the price, I feel these details should be taken care of. Not convenient to come back downtown- second pair of Fluevogs that this has happened.
John Fluevog Shoes
Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your comments and feedback. We're saddened to hear about your experience with the Gladstone heels. We'll be sharing your thoughts with John & The Design Team for future considerations.
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