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Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise

Femmes (US)
Désolé, nous sommes en rupture de stock!

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La Individualist de la famille Enneagram est une chaussure à talon avec une courroie à la cheville incroyablement mignonne que vous pourrez tout à fait adopter. Vibrante et inspirée d’une autre époque, elle se démarque par le cuir contrasté et une patte écossaise en cuir verni amovible qui vous permet de varier votre style au quotidien. Un petit talon de 5 cm (2") rend le tout à la fois beau et pratique – tout comme vous! Be your true self. (Soyez vous-même.)

  • Fabriqué au Portugal
  • Doux cuirs contrastés avec patte écossaise en cuir verni (amovible)
  • Boucles enrobées de cuir
  • Œillets décoratifs peinturés
  • Semelle en caoutchouc
  • Talon peint de 5 cm (2") en ABS avec sous-bout en caoutchouc
  • Talon remplaçable

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Fun & comfortable

Shawn - Salmon Arm
These are charming and always reap comments.

I had to add a hole or two to the strap (making it tighter) and as a result I can't wear the kiltti bit, because it doesn't fit in the space available. I have a B width foot in 6.5. This seems like a design flaw, except I think I like them better without the kiltti anyway.

I have the blue/orange stripe, but I'm seriously looking at the pink, as well! The Enneagram heel is a perfect height for 12 to 20 hour wear!

Super fun, comfy and great heel height. People will stare!

Eileen - Riverside, CA
Love love love these. Bought the orange and blue stripes while on vacation and wore them right out of the store for the next 3 days straight. lots of walking - super comfy; great with jeans even! Constantly had people stopping to stare or make a comment. Even a whole group of guys stopped midway through a crosswalk in NY to point and say how cool they were. only gripe is the kiltie on the front likes to shift to one side. Love the fact they can be worn 3 different ways. normally wear an 8.5 and had to go up an entire size to 9.5. A little loose but perfect with socks and can be tightened all the way down without them. I've "oogled" these since they came out and was so happy I finally got a pair while on sale. no regrets!

Awesome but....

Paula - Australia
I bought these shoes at the opening week of the Amsterdam store. Fabulous colour, style and fit. I'm used to compliments for my shoes but these literally brought on a frenzy. I was staying with a fashion industry bigwig in Paris and he was gobsmacked that even the Parisiennes were stopping me in the street to compliment these shoes - one day I actually counted 14 compliments from strangers in one outing!

The weight distribution of the shoe is excellent and sets your balance on your heels rather than the balls of your foot and so you never get tired feet. Gorgeous and practical!

But on the not so practical.... the soft leather scratches and buffs a LOT. Particularly on the back of the heel. Its as though there's an extra depth there that keeps making me scrape the back of my heels as I go down stairs and the soft leather just rips up. So yes, I can stride around all day getting compliments, but the moment I get to stairs I need to transform into insane shoe protective mode and tip toe sideways.

I had an absolute ball in the Amsterdam store, tried on everything and bought 2 pairs of shoes at full price. Bit shocked to discover afterwards that these at Online CAD price + postage to Australia was not comparable to the bazillion Euro I paid in store. Worse to see them on sale so soon after. Luckily I had a few complimentary champagnes and cupcakes and shoe shopping stories to tell.
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Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise
Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise
Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise
Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise
Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise
Individualist Violet Talon courroie cheville avec patte écossaise

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