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East End


Botte mi-mollet à lacets

Femmes (US)
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L'expert en Ajustement

Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Erin & Tanaya de notre New Orleans Selon la boutique :

Great fit overall.

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Renaissante des formes et motifs du passé Fluevog, la famille East End regroupe des classiques revisités qui vous pousseront un peu au-delà de vos limites de confort. Elle combine une tige atemporelle avec le talon Mezzo enrobé de cuir de 6,5 cm (2,5") pour créer un beau design marginal. Fabriqué avec amour au Portugal, la Gladstone est une botte à lacets qui fait rêver avec ses œillets surdimensionnés et ses lacets en coton sergé.

  • Fabriqué au Portugal
  • Cuir cordovan lisse
  • Grands oeillets en métal
  • Lacets en coton sergé
  • Semelle en caoutchouc
  • Talon de 6,5 cm (2,5") enrobé de cuir avec sous-bout en caoutchouc
  • Talon remplaçable

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Erin & Tanaya de notre New Orleans Selon la boutique :

Great fit overall.



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Love them to pieces -- literally :(

Emily G. - NY, NY
Wish I'd read the reviews and known to save my receipts for warranty purposes.

These Gladstone rubber heel lifts wear out entirely too quickly! I got in 4-5 weeks of tromping around NYC before the rubber wore completely through to the heel base. Replacement lifts from my cobbler seem to be made of sturdier stuff and, crucially, don't have the rubber "lip". Hopefully I can make it a normal amount of time (12 mos) before replacement is required again.

New favorite boots

Lindsey - Michigan
I love these boots so much, I have two pairs; one in yellow, one floral...and I'm still tempted to buy more. The only thing stopping me from budgeting out a full rainbow of these is a lack of shoe storage.

They are super comfortable right out of the box, with a bit of bounce to them when you walk. They fit nicely under dress slacks and jeans, or over leggings/tights. They dress up and dress down, and if you swap out the ribbons you've got a ton of options for styling and colors.

I have loose joints, and am forever rolling my ankles or tripping over nothing. With the wide ribbons that they come with, these lace up nice and firm past my ankle almost like a brace. I can frolic all day and not worry.

best boots ever

I was treating myself to Birthday shoes and trying on everything in the store. Eventually it became clear that these were the beacons of light, and I focused on WHICH COLOR to get. Mx in Boston was my salesperson and they were so patient and lovely. I think they literally watched me try on three different colors of the same shoe for 40 minutes. Their comments were VERY helpful, not just "oh that looks great" but really insightful things about the differences between each color and how they read with my overall look. I went with the light brown ones in the end and could not be happier. It was so great not to feel rushed and to take my time to decide which one was truly right for me!
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