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Sac décontracté en bandoulière

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Delilah, c’est le genre de sac que vous serez à l’aise de prendre à la va-vite lorsque le temps est compté. C’est un adorable sac cylindrique qui se porte en bandoulière avec des détails en rivet le long du bord extérieur et qui possède une seule courroie de fermeture. Versatile et spacieux dans être pénible, ce sac à main peut transporter tout, du précieux au mondain, avec aisance.

Largeur : 15 cm (6"), longueur : 25 cm (10"), hauteur : 15 cm (6")

Longueur de la courroie (à son plus court) : 102 cm (40")

Trouvé dans: Femmes, Hommes



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Marie London
I saw the tomato delilah bag at the store in San Francisco, and wanted it so badly, but I was already buying a pair of shoes that day, and I needed to budget.
I just got it for myself in July (as an early birthday gift to ME - September bday), and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
I was concerned that it might not be quite roomy enough for my usual stuff, but this bag really holds a lot of stuff! And I love that i can open it up and see everything.
I knew it was a gorgeous and really cool looking bag, but I'm really happy that it is also functional.
I did read that the strap was hard and scratchy, but it has not bothered me.

Gorgeous bag!

Eric - Vancouver
I own the Jonah bag, and have loved it wvery single minute that I have owned it.
The straps are stiff and ridgid at first because the bag is brand new, seeing as how the strap must support the weight of the bag and all of its contents for as long as you have it, everywhere you go, they must then be a little more ridgid and sturdy.
My strap became just as soft anf pliable as the body of the bag itself within a month.

Seriously adorable

Manuela - Warwick
I don't know about the other colors but the floral Delilah straps are just fine. Soft enough not to scratch but sturdy. The bag is made from high quality leather and I absolutely adore the floral colorway. It is just a tad smaller than I would like and it only has one compartment but I love it so much I downsized the amount of things I carry in my purse so everything fits....bonus: less wear and tear on my shoulder : )
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