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Fluevog Shoes

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Living 2.0


Bottillon avec coutures en surface

Femmes (US)
Désolé, nous sommes en rupture de stock!

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Pour John, sa théorie entière des Living 2.0 repose sur la croyance que la vraie beauté et l’originalité n’ont nullement besoin d’être sacrifiées lorsque vient le temps de concevoir des chaussures à porter au quotidien. Avec une semelle Goodyear cousu-trépointe et entièrement doublée, la Beauvoir est un bottillon solide sur lequel vous pouvez vous fier à long terme. Des coutures en surface avantagent l’avant-pied alors que des semelles de cuir injectées de caoutchouc garderont vos pieds heureux et en santé! Living to change the world. (Vivre pour changer le monde.)

  • Fabriqué au Mexique
  • Cuirs pleine fleur
  • Fermeture éclair intérieure
  • Semelle en cuir injectés de caoutchouc
  • Semelle Goodyear cousu-trépointe
  • Talon bottier de 2,5 cm (1") en cuir avec sous-bout en caoutchouc
  • Talon remplaçable

Trouvé dans: Botte, Chaussure, Femmes



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Elissa - Prince George
Just received my Size 12 Beavoirs in Green. They have a very generous fit in this size, significantly larger than some of my other Size 12 Vogs. As there are only full sizes, I am guessing I would still have gone for the 12 but the 11 might have fit. With my orthotics and big socks they will be comfy so they are staying. I don't find them narrow, but I run a bit narrow myself., in fact, they look a little hefty in my size, but alas, most boots do. For a slimmer line I have my BBC's.

Beautiful but narrow

Karen Tuveson
I’ve been looking for some low flat boots to wear in the NE winter & loved the way these looked on the website. I ordered the reds in my regular Fluesize 7. So excited when I took them out of the box, but alas, I discovered these are more narrow than most of my other Vogs. I can wear them with stockings just fine, but not any type of sock. I’m planning on taking them to my local cobbler to see if he can stretch them a bit.

Another Fluevog winner!!!!!!!!!!

Angi - Vancouver
I bought these in green when they first arrived in the store on Granville, Vancouver & I have worn them a number of times. From the moment I put them on I knew they were not only gorgeous to look at but going to be as comfortable as my other "Living" boots. I have a few, Malcolms in black & brown & Babettes as well. The Beauvoirs are super comfortable, warm & look very stylish. I got compliments from several people the first day I wore them. Another winner in my growing collection of Vogs!!!!! Love these.


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Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface
Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface
Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface
Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface
Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface
Beauvoir Vert Bottillon avec coutures en surface

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