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Fluevog Shoes

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Femmes (US)
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Retournant à l'inspiration originale de la famille mini, la sandale Bip avec sa bride arrière est peut-être la chaussure que Minnie Mouse porte tout l'été dans le pays des Fluevogs. Avec un contour passepoil contrasté, deux boucles en cuir et construite sur la semelle et talon classique de la série mini. Il est certain que les Bips feront fureur parmi les amateurs de la série mini.

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I'm in love!

Elizabeth - Seattle, WA
I have been drooling over Fluevogs since my friend Will brought me to the Seattle store about a year ago. Then I saw the Bips, and knew that I HAD to have them, as soon as I could justify spending that much money on shoes. And then they came on sale, and I knew it was a sign! I went into the Seattle store with the intention of buying the black ones, but when I found out they were on sale because they were being discontinued, I took the plunge and bought the pink ones. I LOVELOVELOVE them, and can't wait to go back and get a pair I can wear every day. =)

performing in fluevog

cara kohl - new york, ny
I am so excited to rokk my Mini Bips onstage!

It's true love

Heather - Antioch, CA
My friend Stacey turned me on to Fluevog and did it by showing me the Mini Bips! This is my 3rd and FAVORITE pair!!!!The fit comfortably and are hecka cute! I am breaking in the top strap and that is the only part of the shoe that wears on me after a while...but it's leather and will eventually stretch to fit my foot. I REALLY want the pink Bips now @>-
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