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Femmes (US)
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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Shawn and Jasmine de notre Washington DC Selon la boutique :

The Pilgrim has great length but can be a little narrow for those with wider feet.

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Avec son bout très pointu, Pilgrim est mocassin salomé avec boucle et cuir cousu plissé sur l’empeigne. Cette chaussure fut l’un des premiers modèles féminins dessinés par John à s’inspirer de l’époque victorienne. Cette version mise à jour comprend une semelle en caoutchouc, un talon de 3 cm (1,25") enrobé de cuir ainsi que des cuirs spécialisés qui vieilliront avec grâce. Cette chaussure Pilgrim est un hommage aux débuts modestes de John, aux valeurs vers lesquelles il aspire toujours, et un beau testament au génie que nous célébrons. Truth and integrity since 1970. (Vérité et intégrité depuis 1970.) 

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Petit Grand
Étroit Large

Shawn and Jasmine de notre Washington DC Selon la boutique :

The Pilgrim has great length but can be a little narrow for those with wider feet.



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Ok. I LOVE THESE. They are comfortable. I have wide feet, and normally wear a size 11 in regular shoes. I bought a 12 and they are perfect.

I have one issue, though. The shoes come with the buckle done up at the middlemost point. As a result, if you change the strap setting, you are left with a permanent crease embossed in the leather from the buckle.

For almost $400, I would have expected Fouevog to consider this and to store unbought shoes with the buckles undone so as to prevent this.

It’s a bummer, because the shoes are perfect, and I feel like I paid top dollar only to be punished with a defect due to needing a wider buckle setting.

My First Pair of Fluevogs

Autum - Corpus Christi
I've been eyeing the Pilgrims for a while now and finally pulled the trigger. They are even more beautiful in person and the leather is super soft. I got my usual size of 8.5, and they were a taaaad tight on my big toe. Nothing too crazy, but a little small. But I decided to try stretching them myself, so I put on a couple of pairs of socks and hit them with a little heat from a hair dryer and they fit perfect now. If you don't want to go through all that though, I would say go up a half size.

My first pair of Truths

Erika - Seattle
The Pilgrims are one of the few pairs of non-boot shoes I own. I had been eyeing them for ages and just love how witchy they look! I wear a 7-7.5 and have a narrow and high instep with a slightly wider forefoot. I also wear a thin cushioned insole because I work on my feet. I consistently wear a 7.5 in the Truth family and they are SO comfy. As mentioned in other reviews, the one biggest flaw in these is the leather wrapped heel. Upon purchasing them, I assumed they were wood, but the inside edges can get damaged, revealing the plastic form underneath....which I managed to find out after only my first or second wear. Luckily my husband was able to patch it and they are just fine now.
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