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Fluevog Shoes

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élégant talon Charles IX

Femmes (US)
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On pourrait qualifier la Shiloh d’une jeune descendante fortement anticipée. Pour le grand bonheur de tous, elle hérite ses traits de deux élégantes familles bien connues : la tige des Malala sur un talon Poser enrobé de cuir. Et au cas où vous l’oublieriez : Yes, you are. You’re super cute. I said so. (Oui, tu l’es. Tu es très mignonne. Je l’ai dit.)

  • Fabriqué au Pérou
  • Cuir nappa lisse ou verni ou spécialisé et/ou tissus
  • Boucle argentée
  • Semelles en cuir
  • Talon de 8 cm (3") enrobé de cuir avec sous-bout en thermoplastique
  • Talon remplaçable

Trouvé dans: Chaussure, Talon, Femmes



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From Box to Foot

Maureen - Kingston
I wanted them when I saw them and while they did not go on sale I did buy. They are a perfect fit. Got them the same time as another pair which is a bit too narrow so was more than relieved that these fit so beautifully.

Shoe is a show stopper

Katherine Schieffelin - Houston
I can’t get through a day without strangers complimenting me on this shoe! I got the black white and red and I am a rock star wearing these. I have two pairs of the Fluevog line that had the pressed chamomile into the patent leather. I thought this pair was the same technique but it is not — the chamomile flower design is printed on the leather. But still gorgeous! And frankly will probably be more durable.

My usual Fluevog is 9.5 but I went to 10.5 because I was concerned about size. I had bought a similar Flog shoe that had run small and glad I did. I might have been able to go with a 10 as there is a small gap in the back of the heel — BUT this shoe design is so comfortable and holds your feet into the shoe nice and tight. No blisters — not even on day one — and comfortable for your average work day or event. So my advice: order at least one size up from standard street size or at least half size up from your standard Flogq size.

Now I just have to save up to buy the same pair in copper....

Poser Shiloh

Colleen - New Orleans
I am a huge fan of the pony dot and teal malala so when I saw the shiloh, I knew I had to have it. It is a beautiful shoe and I have received so many compliments. The shiloh is a great hybrid of the malala mary jane and the poser heel. I do think the sole is thicker and will protect the tip of the shoe better than the standard malala sole. My poor pony dot and teal malala’s are so beat up at the tip of the toe and one side is losing the pony hair but I will wear them until they fall apart. My malala’s fit perfectly from day one. The shiloh needed some breaking in time but are beginning to loosen up.
I ordered them online and they were shipped to me from the Denver store. I had requested “no delivery signature required” option and unfortunately when I got my tracking notice, it had a delivery signature required. I tried to get that changed but was told by the Denver store it could not be changed. Unfortunately I have to work to support my shoe addiction and wasn’t home when UPS attempted delivery. UPS then sent the shoes to one of their acces point stations. If not familiar, they look like the old time lockers one would find in airports, bus stations, etc..This particular access point is located in a sketchy area of town and when the UPS driver placed my shoes in the access point locker, the locker malfunctioned and the driver was unable to complete the transaction. When I went to retrieve my shoes, UPS had no record of them being placed in the access point and I went through 4 days of hell trying to get UPS to locate my shoes.


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Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX
Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX
Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX
Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX
Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX
Shiloh Cuivre élégant talon Charles IX

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